Hell's Half Acre (hells_half_acre) wrote,
Hell's Half Acre

Debate Clothes With Me

Ok, so not too long ago I posted an adorable picture of S1 Sam:

What would you call that type of shirt? Do you think it's a long-sleeved T or a sweater?

The thing is, in Skin, Sam wears a T-shirt OVER it. So, I'm thinking it must be a long-sleeved T, because otherwise wearing a t-shirt over it would probably be both ridiculous and uncomfortable.

Anyway, let me know...it's bugging me.

And yes...this gives away the fact that my very-involved-but-fundamentally-pointless secret project has to do with clothes.

In other news:

It looks like Wednesday has won the "What day of the week should I post Demented Sequel fic?" poll. It won by only ONE VOTE, with Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, tying for 2nd, and Sunday coming in 3rd. The poll is still open (I think) for those who didn't vote but are outraged with this result.

That being said...I like Wednesday. I live in Vancouver, so Wednesday for me is most of the world's Thursday. If I was posting on Saturday or Sunday, the schedule would get messed up if I wanted to go away for the weekend...I'd either have to post early or late. Wednesday is a good day because it's right smack mid-week, so I'm more likely to be just hanging out around home.

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