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1. Current Supernatural Angst Levels

I can always tell when Show hits the zenith of angst, because I can no longer read fanfic unless it's crack. I can't take any more angst, so therefore, even an old fashioned h/c is more than I can stomach.

So yeah, if there is any fic out there you think I should be looking at in the next five weeks, you'll have to tell me directly, because I haven't been clicking on any links. Of course, this means more time for writing - which I'm sure will make some of you happy. 

2. I'm a typical dorky Canadian fangirl

It seems ridiculous, considering that we live in the same city - but I get an thrill anytime Jared or Jensen makes a comment that gives away the fact that they live in Canada (for 9 months of each year, at least). Two recent examples from the two latest cons:
-Jared talking about how they bought their mini motorbikes at Canadian Tire.
-At the Italian Con, a couple of ladies yelled out "PUDDING!" in the audience during the J2 panel. Only, they had heavy accents, so the following exchange took place:
Jared to Jensen: Did they say poutine?
Jensen to Jared: I think that's only in Canada.

(Interesting to note: You have to be careful how you throw around the word "poutine" in Europe - as I found out when I lived there. It sounds remarkably similar to the Greek word for vagina. Also, if you MAKE poutine in Europe, the Europeans will look at you like you've lost your mind, until you convince them to try it - and then you will have to make more. For those who don't know - Poutine is fries with gravy and cheese curds, and it's well worth the bypass surgery. ;) If you find yourself in Canada and want to give it a try, order it at a restaurant, not a fast food place.)

3. Words on Icons (or on pavement): Pet Peeve

I don't like it when people put words out of order on icons to be artistic, because it's ingrained in my brain to ALWAYS read from top to bottom and left to right. So, if someone makes an icon with "son" above "wayward" on a picture of Dean. I will read the icon as "son wayward" which makes far less of an impact than "wayward son." Same with headers and whatnot. I know people are trying to be artistic or aesthetically pleasing, but if you have to reorder the words to do that, then just pick different words.

It's the same with road signs. Sometimes (and I don't know if they do this in other countries too) there will be notes written on the road. Like "Right Turn Only Lane" or "Keep Two Chevrons Apart" (or something like that). Only the city people think that they are being clever and should write it in order of the words you see first. So, for the first example, you would drive over "Right" and "Lane" last. The only trouble is that my brain sees the road as a sheet of paper, with the words farthest from be being at the equivalent of the top of the paper. So, my brain reads the words stored in the back of my head as I see them, and I end up getting the message "Lane Only Turn Right" and "Apart Chevrons Two Keep" - which yeah, gets the message across, but it's sort of an odd mess of syntax.
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