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Quick Reaction: 5x17 99 Problems

For scheduling proposes, we watched the East Coast feed tonight, so here are my thoughts 3 hours earlier than expected!

I can't believe Dean. Nice to know that being a self-centered asshole really is a Winchester trait and not reserved just for John and Sam.

Ugh...ok, let's start at the beginning.

This one really had me thinking it was going to be a MOTW. As soon as I saw the pretty boy, I thought "yeah, he's too pretty to live."

So, Sam and Dean encounter a town full of Hunters led by a prophet named Leah.

Problem: The town is slowly turning into a fundamentalist crazytown. Sam doesn't like it, but Dean just doesn't care about anything anymore. He's lost all hope. Sam is still holding strong, and trying to make Dean hold strong too...and he's super worried about Cas. Basically, Sam is the one that's desperately trying to hold every one together.

Oh, HILARIOUS break: Castiel's voicemail! HAHAHA! Brilliant. I laughed so hard I actually missed Sam's message.

Long story short, she's not a prophet, she's a WHORE ("come on Cas, tell us what you really think!")

Drunk Cas was both funny and extremely heartbreaking. And if I hadn't already been mad at Dean for being a fatalistic asshole to Sam, him throwing Cas the bottle of painkillers would have driven in the final nail. Dude, YOU ARE MAKING THE FUTURE HAPPEN! Maybe you don't think you are, because you're going to go say yes, but goddamnit - Cas does NOT have to end up a drugged-out hippie. He doesn't! Don't put him down that road!

What else, what else...Dean's a servant of God. I can't say I'm surprised...I mean, what defines "servant of God" in the Supernatural universe anyway? Do you really need to be ordained? The Winchesters have been blessing their own holy water for years. I did love the "and Sam's an abomination" line though! Ha! Poor Sam.

And then Dean just LEAVES SAM. ARG! And Sam KNOWS that's what he's going to do....and man, you just feel it right along with Sam when that distinct engine starts up.


Sigh...it was a good episode. It really was. But now I'm so SAD. Seriously...seriously sad.

Next week is the 100th episode! Looks like another doozy.

Ok, so that was much shorter than usual - more reactions, less recap.
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