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Quick Reaction: 5x15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

Oh man, my sister decided to buy a mandolin from someone in Richmond - so we hopped on the skytrain at 6:40 to go get it, and there and back took SO LONG that we basically RAN from the bus stop to our apartment and made it JUST IN TIME to see the very last scene of the THEN recap.

Ok, so, where to start....

I guess I was a LITTLE disappointed that we had no reference to Sam's detox. No indication of how long it took, or what. Obviously, they had been AWAY from Bobby's for a couple of days, but it was still February. So, what, Sam detoxes, they take off...but a couple of days later, they find a job in Sioux Falls and come back? Sort of odd timing.

Still, I like that we get a little glimpse into Sioux Falls. The diner with the round windows - the fact that everyone thinks of Bobby as the town drunk. It's certainly a different view than we have of him and it's interesting. We've always only known Bobby from the perspective of Hunting Society, not the perspective of "civilian" society.

Anyway, Dean was funny getting all official about that guy giving himself his own nickname. And the guy's response was pretty funny too: "who died and made you Queen?" Ha! Just Dean's face.

And even if I hadn't seen the previews, Bobby trying to shove them out the door - and CLEANING - should have been signs that something was rotten in the State of Bobby. So, I agree with Dean, might as well go check out the graveyard themselves. I like the slight (very slight) turn around between Sam and Dean here. Dean is suddenly the one questioning their surrogate father, while Sam just says "but Bobby said..."

Then they go to the house that I was AT!! Seriously, that Zombie-dudes house...what was his name? Anyway, when they come out of his house and the Sheriff arrests them. That's the location shoot that I saw! Though, I didn't actually see them shooting. It's amazing how much detail of the location that is awesome doesn't even make it into the shot. I mean, they had the Impala there, and there was this wicked spooky tree - but I didn't even see them. It's neat to think that they make the sets even more accurate than they have to be.

So, moving on...Bobby bails the boys out of jail, and it's 4am, and he finally comes clean...and I like how the boys are all polite to his wife, even though she's a zombie. I like how they're mostly just upset that he lied to them. And we find out that it's Thursday and they have a horseman on their hands...only, the horseman has been and gone, I guess.

Sam does the leg work while Dean watches over Bobby...and dude, I love it that they're able to divide up work like this now. I love the fact that as the series progresses the boys just become more and more competent Hunters...to the point where I really think they have surpassed their father and may be reaching Bobby's level of awesomeness. 

The camera angles on Jensen outside Bobby's house were gorgeous. I believe my words were "That is one handsome man."

I like how they made Bobby's wife kind, even as a Zombie.

Of course, then we jump to Sammy who gets mucus on his face. GROSS!! I do like his line of "yeah, I'm going to regret this."

So, zombies are turning bad, but Bobby won't let the boys put his wife down...says he'll do it himself. And, well, he kicks the boys out of his house and off his property and pretty much threatens to shoot them. To the point where Sam actually tells Dean after that if Dean goes back there Bobby will in fact kill him...so they don't take it as an empty threat or with any grain of denial.

And dude, Sam going off to fight all the other zombies by himself, and Dean LETTING HIM! Talk about character growth. I couldn't imagine Dean letting Sam go after zombies in S1 without hovering over him protectively the whole time.

Another small gripe though: "I'll need help" and no one's first thought is "let's call in Castiel"? Mind you, now that I think about it, Castiel's mojo for smiting is failing and it's not exactly like he's weapons trained. He's probably more of a knowledge-resource and teleport-resource than a fighting-resource at this point.

Sam: She's his wife.
Dean: We're his family!
-Love this exchange. Not only because of the whole, who do you choose - your spouse or your family? But because Dean and Sam aren't even Bobby's "real" family, but it's to the point between them that there's no distinction. I like the bluntness with how it's said here. I know Bobby's said it bluntly before too, but I think it's harder for Dean and Sam to acknowledge third-parties as "family" than it is for Bobby to lay claim to the boys...anyway, I'll stop rambling about this.

I think it's a small gift that at least Bobby's wife TOLD him to kill her this time.


Sam rounding up the townsfolk and being all in charge...I'll steal Dean's words here and just say "Sammy, I get all tingly when you take control like that."

It was awesome. And here we get another juxtaposition between Hunting society and regular society - because when Sam's asked who he is, he says "a friend of Bobby Singer's" with PRIDE. And then he's told that Bobby's the "town drunk" and he's confused...and of course, the following exchange his hilarious.

Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby are shooting shotguns in the scrap yard, because the zombie horde has descended upon Singer Auto Salvage...for reasons that we can only guess have to do with the mysterious message from Death to Bobby.

And they run out of bullets, and Dean hides them in a very small closet - really Dean? Bobby has a panic room in his basement and you couldn't figure out how to get him down the stairs? Also, assuming the zombies are stupid when they've been smart up until then - "don't you ever get tired of being wrong?" Haha, indeed.

Luckily Sam and the Sheriff save the day! And for whatever suzy-homemaker stereotypes Bobby's wife if going to be accused of furthering, I think the Sheriff is a pretty kickass opposite to that. I'm one of the few people who doesn't actually think the show is as misogynistic as some claim (excluding SOME episodes, which are the exception rather than the rule)...and that it DOES have strong female characters...and Sheriff Kathleen is definitely one of them. I also like how Sam kept calling her Sheriff instead of calling her "Kathleen" or something else. One, it shows Sam giving a female Sheriff the same respect he'd show a male one...and second, in the scene itself it works to remind the Sheriff what her role in the town is - which is really what Sam wants to do at that point.

I got all sidetracked there. Sam and the Sheriff save the day! Then it's the next morning and their burning all the bodies...and Bobby's got his own little funeral pier going on...and he's all sad. And we find out that he was being punished for helping the boys - that he's part of the reason Sam hasn't said yes to Lucifer, and Lucifer or whoever is trying to kill him or break him. Basically, they're trying to undermine the boys' support system. Castiel's been punished for helping them by being cut off from heaven, and now Bobby appears to be a marked man as well.

I don't think Bobby will STOP helping them though...but man, he's really taking a beating this year. :-(

Also, Sam, you'd think you'd be a little bit more understanding about people not being ok after their loved ones are killed! Geez. Though, I can see why Sam can be confused about how having 5 extra days with a loved one isn't actually a good thing - it's one of those be-careful-what-you-wish-for scenarios...because a lot of people say "I wish I could just have one more day with them..." but they don't actually mean it, because it really is just, if not twice, as horrible to let them go again that second time.

Anyway, all in all, a good episode. I think Jim Beaver did a fantastic job - so much so, that I kind of which there had been more of him in the episode.

In terms of visuals - I loved the many outside shots we got of Bobby's place, and I really loved the Dean and Bobby duo fighting scene in the scrapyard.

So, a nice mix of myth-arc and MOTW. Mainly, I'm just so damn happy to have the show airing new episodes! Woo!
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