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Rewatch S2: Ep 11 & 12

Fun times! I like both these episodes. Also, these bring us into January 2006 in my timeline...which is coming along quite nicely.


I hate how that guys chin is twitching when his head is rolled around...ugh.

The boys have been looking for Ava for a whole month! Man, that's the most they've ever spent doing anything, and we don't even get to see it.

Dean: "I just figured after Ava there'd be more angst, droopy music, staring out the rainy windows...I'll shut up now"

Sam: "...save as many people as we can."
Dean: "Well that attitude is just way to healthy for me. I'm officially uncomfortable. Thank you."

Sam has a crazy good eye for detail if he spotted that hoodoo symbol outside. He really could be an antiquer.

I LOVE Dean's face when he says "What did you mean 'we looked the type?'" - priceless.

Dean: "The most troubling question is why do those people assume we're gay"
Sam: "Well, you are kinda butch, probably think you're overcompensating"
Haha..and he is, but not for being gay, just for being Dean.

Oh man, the doll conversation cracks me up every time! It's not Dean going on about how much Sam loves dolls and how he dresses them up in little outfits, it's Sam's face when he says "Big time" and "It's true"...oh man, and Jared doesn't think he can do comedy...

Drunk!Sam cracks me up all the time too. There aren't words for how awesome it is.

Sam: "Dad told you to do it. You have to!" (John's ultimate authority shown once again)
Dean: "Yeah, well Dad's an ass! He never should have said anything. You don't do that! You don't lay that kinda crap on your kids!"
-Sam's face when Dean says "well Dad's an ass!" is excellent...it really goes to show that Dean never said that sort of stuff about John when he was alive...that it's only since he's died and "laid that kinda crap on his kids" that Dean has begun to really question his father...at least that's what I think.

The first time I saw this scene, the way Sam turned over and fell asleep just made me crack up, but now it sort of breaks my heart a little...because MAN! He makes his older-brother/pseudo-father promise to kill him and then he goes and does something so amazingly child-like. All Dean is going to see with that little "getting comfy" move is Sammy-the-kid. How torturous. That being said, it is still amusing and adorable.

Hotel guy: "Would you be happy leaving the only home you've ever known?"
Dean: "I don't know, I've never really known one."

And then we get the epic-pool-rescue-SamWinchester-cannon-ball!

This episode is really good. It's good in the way that really important things happen, but you don't even realize they are happening...I guess what I'm saying is that it's very realistic from a personality/relationship standpoint. Sam is all healthy-attitude until he gets drunk and you find out that he is just as eaten up inside about John's final orders as Dean is...and also, if you think about it, it's Sam giving Dean the ok about it too. Sam basically tells Dean that Dean can kill him if he thinks it's the right thing to do...that Sam wants him too. And it's all kinds of ironic that Sam's more willing to follow John's orders on this one than Dean is.

...plus I like dollhouses - the amount of work that must have gone into that prop is astounding. 'Props' to the prop-team!


I love Outlaw!Winchester stuff! Mostly because I love the third person POV when it comes to the boys. This episode makes a nice companion to Hunted. Sam has to worry about other Hunters, Dean has to worry about "civilians" (cops), they both have to worry about monsters...the boys just can't catch a break. Of course, now the cop problem is Sam's too.

The cyberman that Ronald points to on the magazine is from Doctor Who!

Ron is a great example of someone who is halfway to being a hunter, but has gone down the wrong logical road. It's awesome.

I like how Dean thinks Sam is mean...and he is! Poor Ronald. If they had included him, things wouldn't have gone so horribly.

Ronald: "This is not a robbery!" - classic.

Ronald: "You working for the mandroid?!"
Sam: "We aren't working for the mandroid!"
Ronald: "Shut-up! I don't like you!"
Sam: "Fair enough."
-Haha, for once someone doesn't like Sam, but does like Dean.

I love how Sam gets trapped in the vault with a Dean fangirl. :-P

I also love the way Sam says "Hi Ronald" after Dean orders him to stay and help Ron "manage."

Ah ha, Dean mumbles "Son of a bitch" when he sees the cop cars and press and swat team outside...that might be what he is mumbling in Hunted too when he is tied to the chair. I'm going to assume that's the case.

 Dean has classic rock ringtones...I find details like that overly amusing.

Hendrikson is completely right about everything he says, he just interprets it wrong. The boys DID grow up on the road, in dingy motels and backwoods cabins, with paramilitary crap...so when Hendrikson says that they only thing he doesn't know is what KIND of wacko John was, he is completely correct...because he assumes he knows all the kinds of wackos in the world, but he doesn't know about Hunters. He doesn't realize that you can be a "wacko" AND a hero.

You know my favorite part of this episode? - Sam taking down two members of a SWAT team. Both boys are smart, both boys are tough, both boys are frickin' well-trained by their wacko paramilitary Dad. I doubt we'll get any Outlaw!Winchester kink in the fourth season, so I might as well enjoy this trip down memory lane...

Awesome episode. It is very entertaining. It doesn't advance any of the established plots, but it introduces a new one: Hendrikson, and the fact that the Feds know that Dean is alive and well and that Sam is an accomplice, not just a hapless brother. 

The boys just don't have very good luck when it comes to Shapeshifters.



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Jan. 3rd, 2009 02:43 am (UTC)
Playthings was all kinds of awesome. Those dolls really creeped me out, and the gay insinuations were hilarious. I also loved Drunk!Sam and you're right, the story progression was so understated here that you didn't even realize it was happening until the end. Sam's not really more willing to follow John's orders, IMO, I think he's just totally willing to martyr himself "for the greater good" because that's what Winchesters do best! And the only reason Dean's questioning John is because they've finally found the one thing Dean won't do for his dad, and that's kill his brother.

I absolutely love Nightshifter! It's the ep I made this icon from. I liked Ronald, and was sad that he died. I also loved Dean's ringtones, and Henricksen's pov on their paramilitary lifestyle! I totally had a cow that Renegade by Styx was the final song of the episode. I was so freakin' excited that it's now my phone's ringtone, and has been for about two weeks. HEEHEEHEE! I have to resist the urge to break into a funky dance everytime my phone rings!
Jan. 3rd, 2009 02:55 am (UTC)
I was wondering where you got that particular thumbs-up!Dean from...question answered!

You are completely right about the Sam martyring thing. It really isn't about John's orders at all, but then, there IS still the fact that martyring himself for the greater good IS following John's orders. Really I just love Drunk!Sam's "Dad told you to do it, you have to!"

Man! I was wondering what song that was at the end. It kicked ass! Good ol' Styx. I am jealous of your ringtone!

You know what else I realized about Nightshifter, but completely forgot to say above...Hendrikson and Dean spoke about John in the past-tense. Last we heard from the cops, their father was "whereabouts unknown"...now Hendrikson could have just been using the past-tense because he was talking about their childhood, but Dean also used the past tense when he said "He was a hero"...I don't know, it's interesting to note, anyway. The feds are never going to find proof that he died, unless they figure out that "Elroy Mcgilicutty and his two loving sons" were the Winchesters.
Jan. 4th, 2009 12:12 am (UTC)
Well, my ringtone is just the mp3, since my phone can play those. It's just edited slightly to skip the long intro.

Have you been to www.skreemr.com? It's an mp3 search engine. You can find just about anything on there!
Jan. 4th, 2009 12:19 am (UTC)
Ooo...cool. I will check it out. I've been in desperate need of a good mp3 search engine.
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