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Rec: Tell Me Your Worries, I Want To Be Told (J2 fic) by akadougal

I don't normally rec slash or RPS, but I'm going to make an exception because I came up with the plot for this one.

Tell Me Your Worries, I Want To Be Told
by akadougal  is a J2 High School AU, in which the Js are pen-pals and best friends.

It's actually based on a dream I had last week. I realized that my dream would make an awesome plot for an RPS story. The problem was that I don't personally write RPS stories. Thankfully, akadougal  stepped up to the plate. She took my idea, added a few of her own awesome story elements, and then let me read it over so that I felt useful.

For those on my flist who hate RPS this rec is obviously not for you!

I know this might seem contrary to my usual stance of "The actors lives are nobody's business but their own", but RPS AUs are hardly about the actors...they are just about fictional people who only share names and physical descriptions with the actors. However, I fully understand that it's still squicky to some folks - so again, this fic is not for everyone.

But yay! My ideas kick ass!
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