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Supernatural Academic Papers

It's no secret that I absolutely love good meta. One thing I love about the Supernatural fandom is the amount of really good meta out there. To me, really good meta should read like an academic paper, not like a personal opinion piece or review.

This is all just a big lead in to say that the Supernatural edition of Transformative Works and Cultures in online now!


Now, Transformative Works and Cultures tends to be mostly meta about fandom, not actually meta about the show - but in discussing the fandom it discusses the show. So, it counts in my opinion.

I haven't had a chance to read it past the article titles yet, but it looks quite interesting. I'm really busy this week, but hopefully I'll find time to read some of it.

Last time I read a Tosenberger article, it caused me to write a rant about how annoying our culture is when it comes to understanding love. So, we'll see if any of the articles spark any more crazy rants from me.

Fun times!

In other news: On Friday, I'm heading up to Whistler to see the paralympic giant slalom! It'll be the visually impaired and sitting skiers. Exciting!
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