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On This Day In Supernatural-Universe History

New type of post! On slow work days, and when I feel like it, I'll post my own version of those 'On This Day In History" calendars. Using my trusty Timeline:

MARCH 5th in Supernatural-Universe History

1985 - We don't have a date, but sometime during March, a meteor was seen over the state of Kentucky.

2006 - Sam and Dean begin to hunt the Shapeshifter that killed Zach's girlfriend. (St. Louis).

2007 - Sam is heartbroken, as it's possibly just a day or two after he had to kill Madison. (San Francisco, California)

2008 - Dean and Sam are probably pretty thankful to be away from the Ghostfacers, after spending February 28/29 with them and then hanging around afterward to make sure the footage was destroyed. Of course, there's still the problem of Dean's deal being up in 2 months.

2009 - Dean Smith and Sam Wesson are happily working at Sandover Bridge and Iron Inc. with false memories firmly in place and no idea whatsoever that they are siblings.
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