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Rewatch S2: Ep 09 & 10

Icon matches the episodes!

And I forgot to say on my last rewatch post that I LOVE the use of Wayward Son at the beginning...it's so excellent, there aren't words.

I had a lovely visit with my brother and tomorrow I'm taking off for the New Years weekend. I also posted my Bobby POV fic, which means I have posted one fic from each main characters' POV. So, what next?

On to the episodes...



3 days in River Grove, Oregon...so picturesque.

I think this episode is all about Dean trying to harden his heart, trying to see if he can follow his Dad's last order...it's why things come to a head at the end - because we all know that he can't. Dean is just not that guy.

Sam: "That's not school, that's School-House Rock!"
This line kind of annoys me, because I like the episodes better where the boys are on equal intellectual footing...and they kind of make Dean out to be an idiot here. I know it's just for a laugh, but I'm a little overprotective of my brilliant!Dean, I suppose. In any case, do Americans really learn about Roanoak in school? Seems kind of random.

Dean: "It's not a kid, Sam, it's an it!"

Guy on the road: "How about you get out of the car and we'll talk a little."
Dean: "Well you are a handsome devil, but I don't swing that way"

I also love Dean and the Sarge pulling the guns on each other and driving to the clinic with them still pulled - "Well this oughtta be a relaxing drive"

Aha! Sam recognizes the Impala from inside the clinic! Finally. Episodes where Dean somehow sneaks up on him just don't make any sense. Growing up, I could hear my Mum's car from nearly three blocks away, and she only got it when I was 10...the Impala is pretty much Sam's childhood home.

Dean uses three bullets to kill the mother. Really, Dean? You were a perfect shot at the age of 6, I'm pretty sure you don't need 3 bullets to kill someone.

Dwayne Tanner: "Has anyone seen my Mom and Dad?"
Dean: "Awkward"

Dean's gun is really pretty - all those nice carvings up the side, the white inlay in the handle...mmm, even us Canadians love some good gun!porn.

You know Dean expects to die when he gives strangers his car. That's a "Holy sh*t" moment, right there.

Sam: "It's over for me. It doesn't mean it has to be for you. You can keep going."
Dean: "Who says I want to?"

Dean's a good driver: He does a shoulder-check even though the town is deserted and there is no one else on the road.

This episode has it's good moments, but it also kind of annoys me. I mean, I really do think it finally brings out the truth in Dean, because he realizes that he can't do what his Dad asked him...and it's great for foreshadowing...and showing the fact that there really is no Dean without Sam. But it annoys me because WHAT WAS THE POINT? I don't understand why it matters that Sam was immune to the demon-virus...why is matters to YED, who should already know full-well what Sam's abilities are...are the other special children NOT immune to the virus? I just don't understand why it matters.

Anyway, those be my thoughts on Croatoan.


I love their use of the "Go ask Alice" song at the beginning of this.

Dean's face and voice when he says, "He said I might have to kill you, Sammy" breaks my heart every time.

The recurring Ash habit of drinking the dregs of other people's beers....so not sanitary.

I really like Ava. I get a kick out of her character. Case and point:
Ava: "Am I ok? I just helped you steal some dead guy's psych files. I'm awesome!"

And here we go...in Croatoan, Sam recognizes the sound of the Impala from inside a building, but he doesn't recognize the sound of it outside his hotel room...those must be some crazy soundproof sliding doors.

Sam: "(bunch of stuff about bullets)...guy must have had a suppressor on the rifle."
Ava: "Dude! Who are you?"

Oh, the look Dean gives Gordon when he compares Sam to Hitler...priceless.

Sometimes when Dean is tied up (before the gag), it looks like he is muttering to himself. Most likely swearing, I suppose...or maybe just an odd "thinking too hard" habit.

Sam beating up Gordon and then saying "It's Sam" - Cheesy Goodness! Love.

Sam *as Gordon is arrested*: "Anonymous Tip"
Dean: "You're a fine upstanding citizen, Sam"

Dean: "Dude, you ever take off like that again..."
Sam: "What? You'll kill me?"
Dean: "So not funny"
*Sam laughs*

And then we get a Bitch/Jerk, which is always how you tell that the brothers have had an emotional time of it.

I really like Hunted. I know my comments have been mostly nonsense, but that's mainly because I just like watching the episode so much. That being said, I think Sam got over the "Dad told me I might have to kill you" thing a bit quickly...but whatever. I also love Ava, the way she talks, her personality, I even love her knowing what happens later down the line...

So yeah, if anyone else has things they'd like to discuss, please leave a comment. I'm just thoroughly entertained by this episode, so it's hard for me to put get into the critiquing swing of things.

Deleted Scene Goodness:

We have two deleted extended scenes. The first is at the Roadhouse, where Ash tries to ask a girl out. It's hilarious, as Ash usually is. He tells her that he is taking her out for waffles, then says, "No, the Olive Garden", then he tells her that she'll have to drive because he doesn't have a license.

The next scene is an extended version of the second Sam-Ava conversation, where she tells him about the vision and he asks her if she saw who/what it was that killed her...then they launch into the part of the conversation that we see in the episode.


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