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Happy Canada Wins Gold Day!

Or Valentine's day or Lunar New Year...you know, whichever. ;-)

Personally, I like the Finnish: Hyvää Ystävänpäivää!  Happy Friend Day!

Here is a snippet of my and Susie's reaction to Canada's first gold medal at the 2010 games:

You first have to know that: 
1. Susie wanted anyone but Dale B-whatever-his-name-is to win, because she decided that he looks like a douche bag... (my apologies to any Australians on my flist).
2. All of my siblings (including myself) are atheists or Buddhists.

*Alexandre Bilodeau upsets Dale's lead*
Susie: YES!
Me: YAY! Well, now even if he doesn't win, at least that guy isn't winning.

*Final competitor goes, we await the scores*
Susie: Ooo...he was REALLY fast.
Me: Yeah...

*Alexandre Bilodeau wins!*
Me: *throw my arms in the air in victory*!

Then I went out to get us a pizza. It's amazing that there can be so many people in this city and my neighbourhood is just the same as it always is. As I'm walking back to my place with the pizza tucked under my arm, I see men opening car doors for ladies, and one girl carrying a rose while arm in arm with her boyfriend leaving a restaurant. It suddenly occurs to me that it's Valentines Day...and I'm out alone walking home with a pizza.

It also occurred to me that no one knew that I was walking home to my sister though. For all they knew, I was the best girlfriend on the planet, and for Valentines day I decided to let my boyfriend sit at home while I went and got us a pizza, and then later I'd do naughty things to him, to show him how much he was appreciated. A societal gender expectations....interesting things to think about.

Pizza was delicious, by the way.

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