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Snippets of my Vancouver Olympic Experience

Susie and I decided to watch the first 3/4 of the opening ceremonies on TV and then go down to Science World to see the fireworks.

When the Canadian team came into the arena, the camera zoomed in on them and we could see them smile and wave at the camera and scream "woo!"
Susie: It's our national greeting: Wooo!
Me: It's because we have to communicate over vast expanses of tundra, we need something that projects well.

We jumped on the ski train and headed down to Science world. Their were some news crews set up there doing little location reports, but other than that it was pretty empty. We saw the little fireworks that they set off around the stadium. Then we figured it was over, so we hoped on the sky train and went home...when we got off the sky train, we realized that there were MORE FIREWORKS! So we quickly jumped back on the sky train...turned out that the other fireworks were at Canada Place, and the best place to see them from was the skytrain! So that worked out.

Then we came home and watched the news for things that we missed.

*Peter Mansbridge is giving a solumn interview with someone about the poor Georgian kid that died. Interview concludes*
Peter Mansbridge: And of course my thanks to Dick Pound for the interview
Susie and I: pffft! Hahahahaah
Susie: That's his NAME?!?!
Me: I really think he should consider going by Richard.

*We see a recap of Gretzsky lighting the torch and then watching the fireworks*
Susie: Wow, Gretzsky had a great view of the fireworks!
Me: Yeah....he also got to light the torch.
Susie: Right, also he's the "Great One"
Me: But yeah, nice view of the fireworks.

Some fun things:
There are people from Utah giving away free hot-chocolate at Science World station. They'll be there everyday for the next two weeks until midnight. We had this conversation:
Utah guys: Where are you from?
Me: Here. How about you?
Utah guys: Utah
Me: And you came here to give us free hot chocolate?
Utah guys: Well...yeah.
Me: Huh. Well, thanks!

We tried to give some directions to some people from New Hampshire. Their daughter is competing in moguls. I'm worried they got lost though, they didn't have a very good sense of how to read directional signs.
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