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Quick Reaction: 5x13 The Song Remains The Same

Awesome! Click on the cut for more...

Holy crap! (how apropos!) Ok, let's try to start at the beginning shall we....

Dude! I LOVE that song - Dean has awesome dreams. Love the "awkward" moment when Anna shows up and gets all girlfriendy on him about fantasizing. Seriously, if my boy had dreams like that, all I'd want is in on the action! (TMI? Ok sorry...)

Why does she just give him a street address? Can the Angels tell what city they are in or something?

But it's Cas that shows up to the meeting! Apparently, having forbade the Winchesters from coming...and he's right to, because Anna wants to kill Sammy. Cas actually says that Sam is his friend! I did not see that coming, and in truth, I find this is the most significant character-leap for Cas that we've seen so far...I mean, I'd believe it of Cas and Dean, but usually Cas and Sam either ignore or yell at each other...though, I guess with a family like Castiel's that might equal friendship in his eyes.

I think though, that Sam has a point....if Anna really could kill Sam so that Lucifer could never find him, then wouldn't that be for the greater good? Shouldn't he pull a Spock - the good of the many outweigh the good of the few, or the one? But no...Cas shuts him down, even lies, I think...saying that Anna is crazy. Maybe he just doesn't know whether she is right or not and doesn't want to risk it. I'd understand that.

I love Cas's "I don't understand that reference! But..."  - it must be so frustrating for him to talk to Dean sometimes. Every third sentence is a pop culture reference.

I was a bit mad at Sam and Dean for insisting that Cas take them back, even after he explained how hard it would be for him to even take himself back. I mean, I understand why they wanted to, but dude...maybe they didn't realize that he wasn't exaggerating.

Them landing in the past was cool. I recognized the location (Same on they used for Croatoan.) I wonder how much that simple shot cost them - my brother's cars were once hired for a movie, and they paid him $300/day/car. Though, old American cars aren't as much of a specialty item as my brother's cars were.

Anyway, back to the show - we actually get Hurt!Cas, man...I can see the fanfics being spawned as we speak. People love the h/c stuff.

So, Dean puts him up in a hotel for the week. I guess he had enough cash on him...and I guess nobody thought to check the bills printing dates, or Dean and Sam thought to bring some REALLY old cash with them - I guess we should be thankful that American money barely ever changes. I guess the cashier was probably high though, so maybe he didn't look to close.

And Dean and Sam track down Mary and John...by looking in the phone book. Nothing screams Not-A-Hunter more than being in the phone book.

It's the first time Sam's ever met his Mum in non-ghost/hallucination form. As much as him staring at her was funny, it was also a little heartbreaking...I mean, they're strangers. Oh man, and Sam almost bursting into tears when he shakes hands with his father...also heartbreaking.

How did Mary swing the heartattack story? I mean, didn't John wake up in her arms after being attacked by her father, who was now a bleeding corpse beside them? Mary must be one hell of a liar.

It's during the first conversation with Sam and Dean, and then on the phone, that I started thinking "Dude, Matt Cohen is doing an awesome job as John Winchester." He's got practically the same line delivery as JDM and even the same underlying gentleness.

Anyway, John takes off, and Dean, Sam, and Mary finally notice and rush after him, because it's all a trap! Anna just starts kicking his ass...and here we have to suspend our disbelief a bit, because dude...if you are an angel that can kill someone just by having them look at you - why would you throw them around first? Also, we start to see more clues that Anna isn't actually acting on Heaven's orders - because her power is weakened too. So, she's gone rogue like Castiel, but she's gone anti-Winchester rogue...not good.

Thankfully Dean and Mary step in, and we get to see Mary kicking some ass, then slowly climbing over a car while Anna slowly chases her... is it weird that during this scene all I could think of was "Hey look! Plenty of work for John at the garage now, because someone has to fix those cars! Nice!"

And just as I was beginning to wonder where Sam was, he pops up with an anti-angel blood sigil! Yay!

Of course, now the timeline gets all messed up, because John KNOWS. Awesome scene in the car...I saw it coming as soon as the scene opened up, but it still made me chuckle "Stop or, so help me, I will turn this car around!" - Turn it around to go where, John? Hahaha

Then young John kicks more ass, by being no-nonsense with Dean about getting things done...just goes ahead and slices his palm. I liked that scene, because I think Dean really did forget what kind of guy his Dad was for a moment...forgot that John was still the same ex-marine that would raise him. I do like the fact that John never found out that Dean and Sam were his kids...but that brings me to...

The Sam and John scene - man, Sam was breaking my heart all over this episode! Well, first, I'm going to talk about John's diatribe on how horrible Sam's father was: It was awesome! I love the fact that upon viewing his own decisions as a third unknowing person, John doesn't agree with them. Mainly, because I'm sure the opinions he expressed were the same as S1 Sam's....that Sam knew the facts about his mother dying and why they did what they did, but he didn't know the emotional reality of it...not then, anyway.

So, I like the fact that Sam actually got the goodbye that he wished he had...the chance to tell his Dad that he loved him, despite the fact that they never really got along well...the chance to tell him that he understood his decisions and his faults and he loved him anyway. Oh man...makes me want to cry...I'm kind of sad that John won't remember this conversation, but at the same time, I'm happy they kept the timeline intact, because John knowing about monsters ahead of time would change too much.

Then we get Dean and Mary - and maybe I kind of wish that Sam and Mary had had a bit more time together, just because, at least Dean remembers his mum a little...Sam's never met the woman! But yeah...I was blown away that Dean just came out with the truth...didn't try to weave some story. "I'm your son" - man, what a good scene.

Oh, jump-back! I forgot to mention: I love before Dean and Sam walk up to Mary and John's door and Dean says "What we're just going to tell them that we're all back to the future because some angel's gone terminator on their ass? Those movies haven't even come out yet!" - haha, it must be so hard for people to learn English when there are people like Dean out there.

Oh, we learn that Mary made Dean rice and tomato soup when he was sick (gross!) and sang Hey Jude to him instead of a lullaby (awww). Can I just say, Dean has one hell of a memory for a four-year-old. Usually cognitively, we don't really remember much from before we were six. That being said, I have a memory from when I was a little less than 2, so I guess there are rare exceptions.

Sam does show up, to try to get Mary to leave John - HERE's logic. For some reason, Dean and Sam are fine with never being born - they are fine with blinking out of existence, but they are not fine with dying. Very odd...but at least they are making logical sense. Of course, Mary says it's too late...too late to not have Dean, but hey...you could still not have Sam? Hello? Oh, Uriel interrupts the party before we can get to that point.

And dude, Uriel can smudge sigils and remove oil! Oh man, can I just say that I really did not see Uriel coming! When Anna was like "Uriel..." I said "WHAT?!? BUT HE'S DEAD!" Then of course, I thought, "oh wait...IT'S THE PAST!" and I guess Uriel just hands out in the same body all the time...because he's all young.

Anyway, Uriel and Anna come in screeching and blowing lights...and I have a dark TV set, so this is where me and my sister have to do descriptive captioning for each other....but man that looked like it was a good fight.

Anna KILLED SAM! Another thing I did not see coming! It was a very well done death. I think Supernatural should win an award for most times the leads have been killed. (Oh wait, Torchwood would beat them)...well, most times MORTAL leads have been killed! Dean yelling "Sam!" and Anna apologizing to Mary...

And there's a white light on John and I didn't know what to think, but then Anna said "Michael" and I said "HOLY SHIT!"

Matt Cohen is AWESOME! Is it wrong that I fell in love with Michael a little? Even though he was a bit of a douche to Dean? Just, man...so good. He burnt Anna to a ASHES! I'm kind of sad to see her go, I was hoping that Cas could turn her back to their side, but apparently not...and Michael just vanishes Uriel with a wave....and....

Alright, then they hammer in more similarities between Dean and Michael and Sam and Lucifer...apparently Michael raised Lucifer...I'm not sure I like this, because I sort of think of angels as always being adults, that they sprang into existence without need for "being raised." Plus, can't Dean and Sam have ANYTHING special just for them? I mean, I was always hoping that the difference between Dean and Sam and Michael and Lucifer is that Dean and Sam love each other more, and that'll be what saves them...but maybe that's just because I'm a huge cheeseball.

Anyway, we also learn that it's bloodlines - ironically, Mary may have been the reason the YED chose Sam, but it's John's blood line that carries the angel-gene. We could have guessed it was bloodlines before - what with Jimmy and his daughter, but it's interesting to note that it's the Winchester blood not the Campbell blood.

We also learn that Michael wouldn't leave Dean "drooling"...so, my question is...besides the free will argument, why is Dean resisting? I mean, smite Lucifer while he's in the substandard body! Save Sam! Michael leaves you healthy, and it's all good!

Still, Michael did piss me off with all that "there is no free will" talk. I'd want to prove him wrong too, even if it did mean everyone was going to die...but then, I'm kind of a misanthropic stubborn bastard.

Michael zaps them home again (curing Sam in the process...which means that it's actually Heaven's will that it comes down to Dean and Sam, not Dean and Nick).

Then hopefully before his 5 days were up, Cas zaps himself back - and is quite surprised! And we get an awesome scene of Dean and Sam holding him up and then dragging him to the bed...man, ok, I'm a fan of the h/c stuff too (I think it's a side-effect of being female.)

Awesomest line ever:
"So this is Team Free-Will. We have an ex-blood-junkie, a drop-out with $6 to his name, and Mr. Comatose over there."
"That isn't funny"
"I'm not laughing"

Of course, Sam has to be all pessimistic...some things never change. Sam has always been "the glass is half-empty" to Dean's "I drank half the glass!" Haha...no seriously, Sam has always been pessimistic, this is nothing new.

Ok, I guess that's it. Let's recap:
-Awesome Cas stuff!!
-Matt Cohen is awesome!
-Sam breaks my heart again and again and again...
-I want to give every character on that show a big hug!

Mannnnnnnnnnnnn....awesome episode.

Oh, and I'm going to share a funny conversation with my sister:
Susie: Little John was awesome!
Me: Yeah! They always get such great people to play the younger versions of the characters. I love Little Sam.
Susie: Yeah, Little Sam is great! ...now all they need is Little Bobby!
Me: Awww!!! With a little trucker hat.
Susie: Haha, Little Hick-Bobby!
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