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Rewatch S2: Ep 07 & 08

Crossroad Blues tears up my heart so much that I can't even think of general comments to make before I launch into the episodes. Seriously, why am I rewatching these episodes that make me so sad...I must be some kind of masochist.

So, episodes...

The Usual Suspects

Oh! How you satisfy my Outlaw!Winchester kink! Seriously, I love me some third-person perspective scenes every now and then...especially if involves police reports.

So, we find out that the law doesn't know John's dead. Of course, we wouldn't expect them to, I suppose he's mostly been off the grid for 22 years, probably even more so once the boys were done school. Still, I like the fact that neither Sam nor Dean fill them in on that fact.

I also like the scene where the boys are separate, but coming to the same conclusions at the same time. On of the things I love about this show is the fact that the boys really are equal in all respects (ignoring Sam's powers), Sam might have gone to school, but Dean's just as intelligent as he is, and both of them know it...I think Dean just likes people underestimating him.

I love the way Dean says, "Oh. Thank god. I'm saved." when his lawyer shows up. So sarcastic.

Hehe, the matlock lines. Lawyer: "You two really are brothers, aren't you."

The code for escaping, the fact that Sam just needed the command from Dean and he COULD escape...this is why I love Outlaw!Winchesters so much.

Way to find a Winchester #1: First Hotel in Yellow Pages, ask for Jim Rockford.

Sam: "It's bothering me..."
Detective: "Well, you are digging up a corpse."
Sam: "No, that's not what's bothing me. That's par for the course, really."

Pete: "...just one more dead scumbag"
Dean: "Hey!"

There are jokes at the end that I don't get...something about the actress playing the detective and pea soup. They must be references to something outside the show, but I don't know what.

Deleted Scenes

There are just two deleted/extended scenes. One in which the two detectives throw a little bit of sexual innuendo into their hallway conversation. The other one is another conversation between the two detectives where Diana tries to tell Pete that she saw Dana Shupls, but then decides not to. So yeah, nothing to fascinating.

Crossroad Blues

Oh man, the first time I watched this episode, it was just another episode with a particularly sad bit at the end, now it has a tendency to rip out my heart.

I love Dean teasing Sam about the fact that Dean's a wanted criminal and Sam isn't.
Dean: "What do you have on the case there, you innocent harmless young man, you?"

Dean notices flowers! Hahaha...oh, Dean...first Oprah, and now this.

It's funny how in Wendigo, Dean mentions Black Dogs like they are run-of-the-mill, but in this episode he says "Do you think we might actually have a black dog here?" as if it's something that he's not quite sure they could handle...and when Sam looks up the lore, it's as though they are looking at it for the first time. I guess Dean was just all talk in Wendigo. Anyway, Hell Hounds aren't Black Dogs, so we still haven't seen them deal with a Black Dog.

Dean: "We know a little about a lot of things, just enough to make us dangerous." - Very true.

Sam's so insistent there's a way out of the deal, and Dean's so insistent that these people made their choice...

Sam: "You don't really want to die!"
Painter: "I don't? ...I'm tired."

Ack! The Wife/Demon hallucination always scares the crap out of me! I really don't like horror movies.

Dean's opinion of Evan changes the minute he finds out that the deal was for his wife's life...you can see it in his face, but it's about his dad...not about anything else.

I love the look Dean has when he's NOT looking at Sam during the confrontation between the brothers before Dean goes after the Crossroads Demon.

And then the demon just goes and confirms all of Dean's fears...which is just heartbreaking to listen to, but my favorite part is when he has her trapped and he's about to read the exorcism, and she says "Forget Evan! Think of your Dad!" and Dean hesitates for a second, and then smiles and starts reading. I'd like to think that he DID think of his dad for a second, that he WAS tempted, but the words "Think of your Dad" would have also caused him to realize that his Dad would be made if Dean didn't kill the demon and if he didn't save Evan...that's what I'd like to think anyway.

What really breaks my heart in this episode is Sam's face at the very very end. When Dean doesn't lie, and doesn't answer, his question about whether he seriously considered the deal..when he just turns on the rock and turns up the volume...and that's all the answer Sam needs, and BAM, that face right there rips my heart out.

Alright, I should go try to find something more productive to do with my life...
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