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Time-lining, The Art Department, and 5x11

Dear Art Department,

Don't you realize that I freeze-frame on every single scrap of paper and newspaper article in the show and read it thoroughly?

The sheet of paper the doctor looks at just before interviewing Sam and Dean has dates on it, sure, but they are in SEPTEMBER! There is no way we are still in September on the show.

Also, the date that boys are admitted is the same day that the woman killed at the beginning of the episode was admitted, even though she's been there for months and the boys just got there.

Then, there's the amusing fact that the results of the meeting they haven't held yet are already in the report.

Conclusion: I will sadly have to completely ignore those dates for time-lining reasons, much like I had to ignore the year on the gravestone in Houses of the Holy and the dates on the grave marker in Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things.

So far, S5 has been the most difficult of all seasons to time-line. S4 was surprisingly the easiest. I really hope they throw me a bone soon.
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