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Quick Reaction: 5x11 Sam Interrupted

Oh man....

That was not a good note to end on....but let's see if I can start from the beginning...

Nice lead in.

I love Dean's coolness in the interview with the shrink: "I don't know. I don't own any elephant books."

But, the nicest part of that scene was when he said that his brother wasn't evil. Awww...the love.

Again, Folsom Prison Blues set-up: A favour for some former hunting buddy of John's who saved John on more than one occasion. Dude, John seemed to have gone around either pissing off other hunters or becoming indebted to them. And it seems the debts are passed to his sons after his death.

Of course, we also find out that Sam thought maybe Dean needed help, because he's been worrying him the past few weeks. It's sort of rare that it's Sam who forces them to take a side-track gig.

I don't know how many of you have seen the movie Strange Brew, but the scene where they separate Sam and Dean totally reminded me of the scene where they separate Bob and Doug MacKenzie in that movie. In other words: Hilarious. I love how they are both trying to look like it doesn't bother them, when it totally does.

We find out that Dean only sleeps for four hours or so every two days, and is probably about to go into liver failure.

Oh man! The morgue scene!! Has anyone else noticed how they are getting Sam to do the gross dead-body dissecting stuff more and more, and that he is barely grossed out by it anymore. Remember that vampire head back in Blood Lust? It's amazing how far he's come. You'd think it'd be Dean that would be slicing up bodies without flinching, but maybe that's why it isn't - too many bad memories.

Anyway, I digress...I love how happy Sam was when he showed Dean the dried up brain! Hahaha....

And of course, I can only say that Susie and I were on the floor laughing at Dean's "pudding" line...after the episode Susie was like "Wait, so did he shake his weiner at the wraith?" and we LAUGHED AND LAUGHED.

I knew the doctor couldn't be it, but that was mostly due to it being too early in the episode to have found the answer. Though, I will admit that they had me fooled with the continuing emphasis on his "monsters aren't real" line.

I love it when Sam beats the shit out of everyone around him, so man, I was really digging that scene.

Then we got "drunk"!Sammy again!!! Yay!!! Seriously, Sam drunk is the most hilarious thing ever. Though, I was puzzled at Dean's "you always were a happy drunk" line, because the only other time we've seen Sam that out of it was in Playthings, when he was morose and asked Dean to kill him if he ever went evil. I guess we are missing many a hilarious drunk!Sammy story from when he was a teenager.

But man, that whole exchange, with Sam being all sincere and telling Dean that he was his brother and he still loved him and then "booping" his nose, was both touching and hilarious. Awwwww...hahahaha...

Then of course, Dean goes nuts. As I mentioned over the hiatus, Dean's always been the type to blame himself for everything - a huge contributing factor to his low self-esteem...nice to see I'm not wrong.

I must admit though, that although I knew that Sam's line about Dean burying all his feelings was completely hypocritical - it never really occurred to me that Sam had anger issues. I knew he had worry-issues, and overprotective issues...and it hadn't escaped my notice that he gets annoyed quite easily and yells a lot, but yeah...he's right. He IS angry all the time. Man, that's got to be exhausting. I don't hold grudges because they make me sleepy.

So, slightly disappointed that Hell didn't come up as one of Dean's issues. I mean, the dude spent 40 years there, you'd think it'd be the more prominent psychological issue - but apparently even Hell has nothing on Dean's daddy-issues.

Anyway, they kill the wraith, and regain most of their sanity, and off they run into the night. Thank goodness it's an extremely low security building.

But DEAN! THAT IS NOT GOOD EMOTIONAL ADVICE!!! I mean, I know you guys have a job to do, and you don't have time to get Sam psychological help - but you'd think after your own brother STRANGLED you six months or so ago, you might want him to TALK ABOUT THINGS instead of REPRESSING THEM UNTIL THEY MAKE HIM STRANGLE YOU.

Seriously, if they wanted us to abandon all hope with the last episode, they are just driving the nails into hope's coffin now. Dean basically told Sam to continue to do something that Lucifer LIKES. Man....

I feel bad for Dean, I do...and I know he does his best, but sometimes he is just not a very good brother. Hopefully now that Sam has recognized the problem though, he can work on it on his own. Try to be less angry or something. Poor Sammy.

All in all, a nice stand alone. It didn't give me any dates for the time line, besides the fact that it's been "weeks" since Lucifer raised Death.

Also, interesting to note: besides the car scene at the end and the exterior shots of the mental facility, the episode was entirely shot on sound-stage - fairly rare in Supernatural. I was thinking they'd do that during the Olympics, but maybe they are actually just going to take a production break then.

Alright, that's it. Let me know if I missed talking about anything important.
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