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Dream a Little Dream...

This time, it was Susie who had the Supernatural-related dream.

She dreamt that she was home at our Mum's house, and Jensen was visiting someone across the street. She saw his truck and told Mum, "awesome, Jensen is in the neighbourhood!" and Mum said, "He's coming over for dinner!" Susie immediately freaked out, because in the dream she was wearing an over-sized Switchfoot band-shirt, and she thought she should attempt to look better - but before she could change, there was a knock on the door and Jensen arrived. Mum assured Susie that she looked fine - the casual music-lover look was deemed a good one and Susie was reassured.

So, Jensen sat down to dinner and then told Susie that he brought a Christmas present for her. He explained that he made her something, but he didn't have time to finish it. So, he gave her the present and it was a half-finished Ukulele. 

And thus ended the dream.

At lunch today, I was surfing the net, and ended up reading Daneel's twitter page. I discovered that, like me, she once lived in Freiburg, Germany. I had the following conversation with Susie:

Me: Jensen's fiancee once lived in Freiburg too.
Susie: So did you! Small world!
Me: Also, Jensen bought her the Rosetta Stone Italian software for Christmas because she wants to learn Italian, I guess.
Susie: Like me!
Me: Yeah, I thought of you when I read it.
Susie: She's like a combination of you and me. Good choice, Jensen!

Hahaha...I love how some female-fans of Jensen would get disappointed that he is not single anymore (as if they ever had a chance), whereas Susie just sees it as confirmation that Jensen loves us, because we have stuff in common with his fiancee.  :-P
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