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Hilarious boys...and Supernatural: The Official Companion

I'm having a rotten day at work, so I figured I'd cheer myself up by posting some fun things I enjoyed about Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 1.  Mainly, the fact that Jared and Jensen are hilarious.

At the beginning of the book, there is a little blurb in the info on the Pilot that features this gem: "When asked what he brings to the character, Jared Padalecki says, "great looks" without missing a beat."

Then way in the back of the book, under the character description of Dean, we get this mirror: "To further blur the line, Ackles gives a very Dean-type response when asked what he brings to the character: 'Amazing abs.' "

And this is what I like to call: They Do It To Themselves:

: "The next thing I knew, they wanted me to meet this guy, Jensen Ackles, and I was like 'Jensen Ackles? I have his posters on my wall!'"

More Serious Review
Ok, that stuff aside: I finished the companion to Season 1 last night. I liked it. It's mostly interviews with crew or writers about how they pulled off one particular aspect of each episode - so the info ranges from slightly boring to really interesting depending on what your tastes are and where your interests lie.

You do get a taste for Jensen's sarcasm (which I love) whenever he turns up, and you get the regular gushing over how fabulous the guys are to work with from any guest actors who are interviewed. You also get a lot of gushing about Kim Manners - which makes me sad for everyone because they must miss him dreadfully.

I particularly liked that the Music guys come up a lot...(Jay and Christopher). I'm someone who never really notices the music in Supernatural while I was the show - (unless it's a particular classic rock music montage thing, like in 5x03 with Simple Man) - but the original compositions blend their way into the scene and influence my mood without me really realizing that music is playing. For that reason, I find it interesting to read how much thought goes into it to give it that effect, and the different motifs and whatnot...My good friend DOES notice the music in Supernatural (because he is that sort of guy) and I know that between Jay and Christopher there is one guy that he really likes and one guy that he doesn't like - and can tell who worked on what episode without looking at the credits. I'll have to ask him which is which now, because I can't remember. But anyway, I think I'm digressing.,..

Other than all that, it's interesting to see just how much about the story arc WASN'T planned out from the get go. I think it's a testament to the writers that they can weave in everything they do to make it look like it was always the intent to be where they are today, when it's quite obvious that they are mostly making it up as it goes along. I mean - I know Kripke has said he always had a particular five-season story arc in mind, but after reading the Companion, it seems like it was a very VAGUE story arc...which, sort of actually gives me a little more confidence for the idea that if there IS a season 6 - it might not actually suck, they might actually still be able to take the story someplace cool. Or at least, I can hope.

Next I'm going to read the Companion for Season 3, because my Season 2 Companion has a projected arrival date of February (sadly).
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