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Rewatch S2: Ep 05 & 06

While waiting for my turkey to cook, and stuffing my face with red and green bell peppers, I watched two more episodes of S2.

I hope everyone is having a nice day.

Simon Said

Aww, Sam is a "Supernatural Freak"...Dean, I don't think you covered that slip up very well. Poor Sam.

I love Dean's face when Jo turns on REO Speedwagon...that universal "Oh god, please not this crappy song" look. I must say I like him singing it afterwards though! Hahaha.

Way to follow someone Dean, that's not suspicious at all - let's literally tail this dude!

I also love Dean's face as Andy drives away in the Impala...

Honest!Dean. I love it. The way he says it all with a smile. If I were Sam, I wouldn't be too upset, for being the truth, it's not actually that bad. He's basically just confirming that he recognizes Sam's own fears but is trying to avoid having them himself.

Ugh, I hate the gas station scene. Burning to death is a particular fear of mine....well, anything "to death" is a particular fear of mine...well, almost everything...but we won't go there.

Sam's vision is for some reason not a head-start. He had to have had it right while it was happening for the fire engine to go by immediately afterwards like that. I wonder if it's because Steve just made the decision to do it that way...maybe there needs to be some time between the decision and the murder, because the last one Sam had a whole night and morning.

Sam: "You could have anything you want"
Andy "I have everything I need"

I love Andy so much...*SPOILER S2 FINALE* he's really the only completely non-evil one among them, when it comes right down to it (well, besides Sam, but that's arguable)...*END SPOILER WARNING*

When Andy says "These aren't the droids you're looking for", as he ushers the security guard out of the archives, and Dean laughs and says 'awesome', I get the impression that Dean requested it of him. I can just picture it - as soon as it's confirmed Andy is a nice guy, Dean is totally going to be like "Oh man! Tell someone 'these aren't the droids you're looking for'! Come on! Please! For me!" Hahaha.

Andy: "I have an evil twin..." :-)

Andy's evil twin reminds me of Elijah Wood...I think it's the eyes and the voice. Also, is it weird for twins to have two different eye colours? I thought even fraternal twins might have the same eye-colour for some reason.

Andy's girl is scared of him now...that circles around to one of Sam's problems with his own powers...how he keeps telling Dean not to look at him "like that"...I think he's afraid that Dean will fear him. Poor Andy.

Dean: "I'm calling Do-Over!"
Sam: "What are you? Seven?"

All in all, I love this episode. I know Jared was hepped up on painkillers for this episode, which explains why his acting falls a little flat in at least one of the scenes, but I really like the character of Andy and the ability. I also like the way Jensen manages to portray Dean as both being unable to resist obeying Andy, but you can still tell that he's trying. Also, it has my favorite Sam-has-Vision collapse in it - which is the one in the car. I don't know why I like that best, but for some reason I do.

No Exit

Six or seven days! Most guaranteed to be before Sept 28th, so there's a date for the timeline...plus it seems to follow right after the last episode, so there's a timeline fact there too.

Where's the Roadhouse? Did I know this and forget? Those people come in wearing Nebraska shirts...maybe it's there.

Sam's only seen ectoplasm twice before...the fact that he's seen it at all says a lot about his childhood, because if he's only seen it twice before then he'd seen it twice before he was 18. Of course, the way he says that is pretty funny, since if Sam saw it, then Dean probably saw it too...unless there were more than just the one hunt we know of, where just Sam and John went. (We find out in Season 3, that Sam and his Dad hunted a poltergeist in Florida once while Dean went on a road trip....now there's a fic waiting to happen).

Dean: "My Dad started me on the job so young, I wish I could do something else"
Jo: "You love the job"
Dean: "Yeah, but I'm a little twisted."

This episode is rife with Dean character-building facts.

Smell again - the boys still haven't mentioned smelling a ghost since S1, so I have a feeling that fact fell out of the mythology. Even here, it's not Ozone that he smells (which is what in S1 alerted them to the presence of a spirit).

How could Dean possibly fall asleep like that...it's like Marty in Back to the Future, what's comfortable about having your arm twisted behind your back? Weird boys.

Dean went shooting for the first time when he was 6 or 7 and was a perfect shot to begin with...and that got a smile out of his Dad that Dean still remembers...so yeah, want to please your father? Be a good hunter. Like I said, full of Dean character-building facts:

Jo: "It's my way of being close to him. Now tell me, what's wrong with that?"
Dean: "Nothing."

Funny that Sam knows about murderers. He may have given up the job at 18, but he seems to have a head for the right kind of knowledge.

Poor Sam has to crawl though the sewers with a broken hand in a cast.

Haha, "You're as cold as ice!" It really is a long drive back to the Roadhouse...

I'm not sure what I think about the whole John Winchester Got My Father Killed thing...I think it was mainly just a way to separate the Harvelles from the boys for a bit...but yeah...you'd think Hunters of all people would know that these things happen. I mean, case and point, Jo almost got herself killed too, and it wouldn't have been Dean's fault - though, I know he would have blamed himself. I know we find out more of what happened later this season, but I have a feeling it wasn't John's fault that William was killed, it was probably just a good day for Harvelle. John probably did all he could to have his back, but you can't be everywhere all the time. Anyway, I'll probably talk more about this once I get to the episode where we find out more and I have my memory refreshed.

No extras on the DVD for this one either. It's a good little episode, but besides Dean character-stuff and that weird tidbit about John Winchester, nothing much overarching plot-wise happens. Also, it's a bit Jo and Dean heavy for my liking...Sam is like this odd third wheel for most of it, which is all well and good, but I'm missing me some brother-interaction.

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