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Crazy Crochet-Project Idea...

Alright, so, a couple of years ago, I made an Avatar: The Last Airbender blanket based off a pattern I found online.

It just occurred to me that now that I have the knowledge of how to do it...well, there's no stopping me from making a Supernatural blanket. 

I could use the tattoo design and do one central larger image instead of the four separate images that the Last Airbender has. So, in the end, the blanket would look like this:

The question is...am I completely crazy?

Actually, the question REALLY is: What colours do you think I should use?

It would be really expensive, over $100 at least (the Last Airbender blanket cost me $250 in wool, but I used expensive stuff), and right now I'm making a shirt for my mother...but, I've been wanting to make another blanket, and this idea just sort of came to me while I was napping this afternoon and it seemed brilliant...

So, yeah, if you had a Supernatural blanket in two colours, what colours would you want? Red and black would go with my decor, but I don't know, I can also do something else like make the design the light colour and the background the dark colour. When I first thought of it, I was thinking army-green and tan (sort of to get the military feel) but I really don't like tan.

Sage green and chocolate brown?
Red and black?
Something else? What are your thoughts...
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