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Happy New Year!

There's still a ways to go until midnight here in Vancouver, but I know it is fast approaching in (or passed) the majority of the lands to the East of me.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2010 treats you all better than 2009 did, even if 2009 wasn't even that bad.

I had a busy 2009. I went to China, I wrote a 33 chapter epic, and I moved to Vancouver...

Between those events my life sort of sucked, since I don't like my job very much - so here's hoping I can fix that problem in 2010!

Although I love my travels, I think I will look the most fondly back on the 33 chapter epic...because, thanks to everyone's positive feedback, it really helped to restore my self-confidence. Writing for the Supernatural fandom has re-whetted my appetite for writing in general, and I only see good things coming from that. So, thank you guys for being a bright spot in my year.

I could look back on the decade, but 18-28 are such life-altering years, that I'd probably end up writing another 33 page epic on that topic alone, so for now I will just sum up by saying: I love the person I have become in the last 10 years. I love the friends I have made and the places I had the privilege to live or travel to. Even with it's hard times, I've had an extremely fortunate last 10 years and I only hope that the next 10 are just as good.

Happy 2010!
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