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Sherlock Holmes and a funny picture

Man, Sherlock movie was enjoyable! It was awesome fun. It jazzed me all up. It was funny and action packed, and the gay subtext was barely subtext.

Plus the music was phenomenal! Seriously excellent score. I love how it's basically all fiddle music, but manages to be a full action movie score. The costumes were really well done too. 

I also really like Jude Law, and not because he is dreamy (I don't actually happen to think he is that much, and if you've ever seen him naked, you'd probably agree with me - sorry Jude.) No, I like Jude Law because I always forget that he's Jude Law. Apparently my sister can never forget that he's Jude Law, so maybe this is just me - but seriously, that guy just becomes whatever character he is playing in my mind. So did Robert Downey for that matter, though it took him more time because I was scrutinizing his accent for the first 20 minutes or so (as far as I could tell it was passable).

Funny, that when you have a  movie full of people doing British accents, the American accents in the film are quite jarring.

Anyway, hilarious and a good time had by all (or at least by me)

Now, for no reason whatsoever, here's a funny picture of Ralph Fiennes and Daniel Radcliffe:

Run Daniel! Ralph Fiennes is stuck in character!
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