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Rewatch S2: Ep 04

One today, because that's all I have time for.

Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things

It's the longest SPN episode Title so far! (They get longer of course, but this marks a first).

Dates! There are dates in this episode...it makes my timeline-ing easier...it does however mean that Dean fixed the Impala pretty damn fast. This episode takes place at the very end of August, 2006. I know some of the timelines out there put it as far as the end of November, but I really try to use dates given in the episode whenever possible, and the fact of the matter is that it jives best with being at the end of August. Dean and Bobby must just be really really good at fixing cars quickly.

The boys never met their uncle. Crazy, I couldn't imagine being some dude and having my sister die and not keeping in touch with where her kids are. But then, I guess my sister's kids' father isn't John Winchester, maybe the poor guy didn't have any choice but to lose touch with them. Probably if he had seen the way they grew up, he would have called Social Services on John. And I guess now the boys just don't bother looking people up...too much to explain, too far estranged.

It's cute how Dean doesn't want to leave Sam...I mean, I know there are uncute reasons behind it, but I still like his lame excuse when Sam suggests that Dean go to the roadhouse and he'll meet up with him there later.

Ah, you start to see some of Dean's thoughts early on, with him giving a glare to a father's headstone that says "Loving Father. At Rest."  - so sad.

Man, Dean is crazy like me in this episode. The way he is so unresponsive to the father's grief, like he doesn't understand even though he does...he's emotionally void, because it's easier that way...now I see why my friends get so annoyed with me when I'm upset about stuff, or decidedly NOT upset about stuff as the case may be.

Sam: "If you want to take another swing, go ahead..." - Sam knows when a punch is coming. Not only that, but by the fact that he says "another swing", means that there hasn't been one since the last one we saw, and that one was rare or even a first (though, I still think they Dean probably ended up punching Sam when they were teenagers, because honestly, teenagers are like that).

Hehehe "awkward". I love how they throw in little comedic moments like that in this show.

Sam: "Grief can make people do crazy things..." - no kidding...

I love Sam's "aw, come on!" face, when Dean makes him open the casket.

Dean: "I can take care of myself!"
Sam: "No you can't! And you're the only one who thinks you should have to!" - so very true.

Sam's whole little speech is well done, I think. I think it does get through to Dean, even though he deflects it...the fact that Sam feels he's losing him, I think that's what breaks through the wall.

"Unrequited Ducky-love" - Oh Dean...Pretty in Pink? Really? When DO you watch these movies? There must be many a bored night in motel rooms.

I like how Sam/Jared can't stand up straight in the basement. Jensen seems to be slouched a little, but Jared is really hunched. I bet it was really annoying to film that for him, probably killed his back.

Dean: "It takes two to...you know...have hardcore sex." - have I mentioned how much I love this show?

Dean: "What's dead should stay dead" ...yes, yes it should, Dean...I know someone else who should remember this piece of information....

Dean: "I'm sorry for Dad...He was your Dad too, and it's my fault that he's gone." - So, not only does Dean feel guilty for being a burden on his father and making him trade his life for Dean's, but he is also feeling guilty that he took Sam's Dad away too...it's really true, if he can manage it, Dean will feel guilty about everything.

Dean: "I was dead. I should have stayed dead...tell me, what could you possibly say to make that alright" - Maybe that it was your Dad's choice...you didn't force his hand, you were unconscious! Sigh, Dean...of course it's not alright, it just IS.

Ok...I gotta stop talking to these boys like they actually exist and can hear me. I swear, I'm like one of those crazy people yelling at the TV...only it's worse, because I've seen this before.

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas is having a nice Christmas Eve, and I hope that everyone who doesn't is having a nice normal day!

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