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Merry Christmas!

My trip down to America-land was successful. I visited my sister in Seattle and had a really nice time. Seattle has some very nice architecture - though the downtown itself is fairly intimidating when driving. We went on the Seattle Underground Tour and it was tons of fun. It was very informative about the city's history and whatnot - which is the kind of stuff I love.

The other cool thing about going to Seattle, is that I got to drive over the bridge featured in my icon (from 4x14) twice. The drive down was miserably rainy, but we had clear skies and beautiful weather for the drive home.

Anyway, I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a great Christmas, and everyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas has a great day

Random things:

Dead Man on Campus - This movie came on TV the other day, and I had forgotten how much I loved it.

The Never-Ending Story - Again, this came on TV. I would never forget how much I love this movie, but seeing it again did make me look up stuff about the film out of curiosity. I was surprised to discover that part of it was filmed in Vancouver - and sure enough, when Bastian rides Falcor at the end and scares the bullies into the dumpster, you can see the round-tower-building over his shoulder. (Does that building have a name? Probably I'm the one that's supposed to know that...). I also never knew that it was a West Germany production. Also, apparently there are some Hollywood production companies interested in doing another adaptation. I don't think they could ever top the first, but it'd be cool to see what they came up with - I wonder if they'd actually make Atreyu green-skinned and blue-haired, instead of adorable and Native-looking.

Now I'm off to make Christmas-Eve Stir-fry, because that's how we roll around here...
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