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2009 LJ Year in Review Meme

Stole this idea from paxlux . What you do is take the first sentence from the first entry of every month of the 2009...so here we go:

January: I know this is a day or so late, but I was out living it up!

February: Hey Everybody! Remember me?!

March: I've had a fun time in Singapore! It is very hot though, so I am looking forward to getting back to more Canadian weather.

April: Title: Damned Demented Demons 1/32
Non-fiction: I had some thoughts today (and an idea for a new icon...must get in touch with Mara...I'm going to have to get a paid account at this rate.)

May: While cruising Boing Boing today, I found a book that the Supernatural fandom could use: Girls Against Girls

June: So, I had to drive another 6 hours today...but I am now back home again, having finished my house/pet-sitting duties at my brother's (FYI: My brother had a great honeymoon, yay).

July: Canada Day is over now.

August: Hippie Music Festival a success!

September: I called a friend at 5pm, got his answering machine, left a message, put my phone down right beside my computer, and then started working on the SPN/HP epic.

October: Damned Demented Demons (Master Post)
Non-fic (and non-flocked): Awww.... *HUGS* even though there weren't any in the episode....

November: I have to research light aircraft for a story I'm writing, except that I'm afraid to type it into google for fear that the Americans will find out and misinterpret and put me on some no-fly list, and then I won't be able to go to my friends' wedding in Bermuda next summer.

December: Another vid idea!

I think it's absolutely awesome that I unintentionally posted the first chapter of Damned Demented Demons on April 1st and then posted the Master Post on October 1st. It means it took me pretty much 7 months to write a 33 chapter fic.

Other than that - the meme actually sums up my year pretty well. And yes...I DID end up getting a paid account.
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