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SPN Hunt: SUCCESS! (Third Time's The Charm)

As some of you know, in recent weeks I've been casually trying to find the roving location set of Supernatural - without much luck.

Attempt #1: Found SFI signs that pointed to scary alleys but did not see hide nor hair of any equipment or, well, anyone really.
Attempt #2: Drove to North Van - could not find SFI signs, could not find my own way home.

Which brings us to Attempt #3: New Westminster!

Someone posted inspn_bc that they were filming around 10th and 6th in New West. Then someone commented and said it was a house on York St. I had just gotten home from work and Susie had just gotten home from a rough day of class, and we thought: "Hell, this is the most information we've ever had, we should totally just DRIVE THERE RIGHT NOW!" So we did.

I'm a horrible city driver and an even worse one in the dark...so, after nearly killing us a couple of times in traffic on the 1, we arrived in New West. Susie used to live there so she assured me we wouldn't get too lost. Anyway, as we drove down 10th, I suddenly realized that the entire south side of 10th was filled with parked trailers - a good sign. We turned turned left and then left again onto Massey, where we immediately encountered a HUGE lighting apparatus!

In an effort to get out of the way, I took my first right, which turned out to be York St - so I drove basically RIGHT THROUGH filming central...obviously they weren't filming or I would have ruined everything. Funny thing was that there were so many people on the street, and parked vehicles, and vehicles coming at me, that it took all my concentration just to make it through without hitting anything - I didn't even notice the fact that at some point I drove right by the Impala.

As much as we occasionally make fun of the Impala for not being very stealthy, I must assure you that it is VERY stealth AT NIGHT. Even once we parked and were on foot walking back up York, I did not realize the Impala was there until we were very close to it.

We must have come just as everyone was on dinner break, because when we walked by the location there were only a handful of PAs and no one else. All the equipment was stored to the side. We didn't talk to anyone, because they were busy speaking into walky-talkies and doing their jobs. We didn't want to be bothersome.So we just walked by at a sedate pace and looked...then stopped for a few pictures.

It's very cold, so I was shivering and couldn't keep the camera still, but luckily Susie has a very steady hand.

Really, it worked out for the best that they weren't filming at that moment because the place was practically deserted and we got some great pictures!

And yes, there were so few people around and the set was not closed off at all - so we could walk right up and touch the Impala. I don't know whether it was the Hero Impala or not, but it was a damn nice car.

So, hilarious story...while we were taking pictures that Cop car you see in the picture drove up and turned around in the driveway next to us so that it could park. Susie and I are so stupid...we were both there thinking "Oh man, I hope he doesn't stop and tell us to stop taking pictures...I hope we aren't being too suspicious....we better watch ourselves..." And it wasn't until I got home and uploaded the pictures that I suddenly thought: "Wait a second...CANADA DOESN'T HAVE SHERIFFS!"

Haha, so, yes, that's another piece of the set. Man...can you believe I have a Masters degree? I'm such an idiot.

The Impala looks much smaller in person. We peered inside (there was a backpack full of stuff in the backseat) and I couldn't imagine Sam and Dean (Jared and Jensen) crammed in there...it always looks so spacious on the show, but it's really not.

Here is another picture:

They had this AWESOME light that simulated moon-light, I think. You can see it floating there above the tree. It was tethered to the tree but would sway in the breeze. You can see the sway by the fact that the rope holding it looks thick in the picture, but it wasn't really, that's just it moving back and fourth while we took the picture.

I thought that tree was absolutely awesome for an episode of Supernatural.

Finally, the next picture is very blurry, but I kept it just so that you could see what the house looked like:

We heard some crackling of walky-talkies as we walked by again - one saying that someone would be back at 18:40 then we overheard someone say that something would be happening at midnight.

Susie and I were quite content with what we had... in retrospect, I sort of wish I had gotten a picture of MYSELF with the Impala (man, I'm an idiot), though, I was wearing my dorky hat and I'd probably look horrible anyway.

Anyway, it was cold, we were really happy with the non-blurry pictures we got (all two of them) and we nothing was going on, so we went home. On the way out, I spotted Jared and Jensen's trailers. I would imagine they'd be inside of them trying to stay warm. I really do feel sorry for those two having to film outside on these freezing nights.

As we thought about it on the way home, we realized that we had actually been incredibly lucky that they weren't filming while we were there, because not only could we walk right up to the Impala, but we could also get these awesome pictures that didn't have ANYONE in them. Besides the orange pylons and the moon light, it almost looks as though we just ran across where Sam and Dean parked the Impala.

All in all a very successful night!
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