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A Matter of Perspective...

One thing I love about the fact that I've gotten two of my good friends into watching Supernatural is that I get to have some hilarious conversations with them.

One friend is currently working his way through S4. He just finished watching On The Head of a Pin and It's A Terrible Life. Unfortunately, he was half-asleep while watching OTHOAP, so I was repeating the major information learning in that episode in case he missed it:

Me says:
you also get the reveal that Sam's been drinking demon blood
Friend says:
yeah, I was wondering about that
I thought he was sacrificing virgins or something
Me says:
Friend says:
when I saw that, I was like, Oh! Well, THAT'S fine
Me says:
Glad to know Sam's still in your good books.
Friend says:
;-) *thumbs up*

PS: Thank you to raloria for the snowflake gift!

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