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The Supernatural team is elusive

The signs are still up for the filming, yet, we cannot find them. They north down Commercial off of Hastings, but when you turn, there are no more signs and no sign of any filming whatsoever.

There IS something going on 3 blocks east. At Franklin and Hastings. There's some kind of chip-truck outside where people are making food. There's a security guard dressed all in black, and there were several cabs arriving. If that is the filming crew though, then they must be filming inside the building, because they sure as heck aren't filming outside of it. When we drove by, there were a couple of guys in suits, and one "regular" looking guy in a hat hanging out by an exit.

Anyway, we don't see why they would film inside a building when they could just use a set for inside shots...but then, maybe there's something particular about the inside of that building. Or, that might not be the filming crew at all and there's just some strange shindig going. ETA: Confirmed: It's a party.

Sigh...I don't have much hope. Figures they'd film in my neighbourhood and then hide from me :-(

ETA: Checked back, still couldn't find them. We've given up. We're assuming that they were filming Thursday during the day, or Wednesday night, and someone forgot to take down the signs on Commercial. It's either that or the entire Supernatural crew is invisible...because we freakin' COMBED those streets.
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