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Parking Ticket :-(

So, I thought I should make sure my car still worked, because I hadn't driven it in a month. I drove Susie to her studio, and then went to the bank, and got gas (but forgot to buy windshield wiper fluid)...and during all this remembered how much I ABSOLUTELY HATE driving in cities. I'm a long-distance road-trip type driver. It's not that I can't handle cities. I can. It's just that my driving skills are those meant for the open road. I can change CDs, easy as you please, while going 140km/h in a van that really only has 4 gears...but put me in a city and I feel half-blind and constantly on edge.

To top it off, my usual parking spot beside my apartment was taken when I got home, and I drove around the block, but the nearest spot was way down the hill...and then I thought "hey, I can just squeeze in here between this guy and the stop sign, and then come back out later and move it....except that an hour or so was a little too long to leave the car there, because I got a parking ticket. My first EVER, I might add. I'm sorely disappointed in myself. Plus now I'm out $50....I forgot about the whole "don't park close to stop signs" rule.


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