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Quick Reaction: 5x10 Abandon All Hope

Apt title.

Well, now that my little heart is broken...let's try to start from the beginning...

Yay the show finally shows a male-male deal taking place. Wish the guys had been hotter, but that's just the sleazy-side of me talking.

My sister got really excited about this scene because she knows EXACTLY where it as filmed...so exactly, that she actually did a painting of it last year. We both agreed it was a fantastic setting for filming something.

I like Castiel being the Winchesters blood-hound.

ETA: I totally forgot to talk about them getting the Colt! Haha...I thought the rumpled carpet was pretty damn sloppy of them. I guess they didn't have much time before Crowley showed up. Crowley was cool though...it was so well done the way he just gave them the Colt, and then the fact that Sam tried to shoot him right after and it wasn't loaded...brilliant.

I also like the short scene of everyone hanging out at Bobby's place. Ellen and Jo trying to get Castiel drunk and failing, and Dean and Sam being all brotherly...and Dean failing in his attempt to give Jo the "last night on earth" speech. Susie and I both agreed that self-respect be damned, we would have taken him up on it. That being said, I like Jo better for not having done it....I've always liked her for being the girl that Dean obviously had a thing for, yet never got with. It made her special. Plus, I mean, dude, her Mum was right there.

I loved the little portrait.

Ok, then we get Cathage. Cathage was always one of my favorite place names...ever since my first ancient history course. It just, the way it feels on the tongue is...wonderful...like promises that you aren't sure are good things. Perfect choice. Um...anyway, my strange fetish for language aside...let's get back to the episode.

I like the way they did the transistions with Castiel's umm..movement. I love that he can seemingly be in two places at once, for just a split second, and you are left feeling a little discombobulated. I thought it was awesome how they did that.

The reapers were cool...interesting how we are back to the visage of the original spn-reaper, which sort of separates Tessa from the herd.

Then Castiel gets trapped and Lucifer isn't looking too good...and man...I love everything about their interaction. How Lucifer tempts Casteil, how Castiel stands his ground...how now that he's chosen the Winchesters, he's loyal.

Meg's back in the body she abandoned before. We get invisible hell hounds...and...then...mortally wounded Jo.

I thought it was so well done, the way Dean stayed away and let Ellen and Sam tend to Jo...I just...it was fitting.

But then we get the part that absolutely broke my heart - the conversation with Bobby.

What do I say? I loved it from even before it started, because Bobby was cursing and worried about his "boys"...and then, he called Dean "boy" and Dean was trying not to cry...and it was so like Dean's call to his Dad's voice-mail in Home, only Bobby was THERE keeping Dean together.

I liked the way Jo went out. Ellen too. I'm sorry to see them go. That scene broke my heart. I mean, first off: Forehead-kisses are my kryptonite. I just...wow...and I'm not surprised Ellen chose to go with Jo. I mean, Jo was all she had...just like Dean and Sam have to go together or not at all. Once I realized that Jo wasn't going to live, I knew that Ellen wasn't going to either, even before she said anything.

Susie was upset because it didn't work, and they died for no reason...but they don't know that, and they DID save Sam and Dean from the hell-hounds, so there's a reason. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

I love how Dean and Sam didn't have any last words - Sam didn't attempt a mushy speech about how much Dean meant to him. I like the idea that they know where each other stands now - that there's a feeling of knowing each other completely.

Then I was sure Dean was going to blow it by announcing his presence before he pulled the trigger. Then when he pulled the trigger...my breath seriously caught, because I realized there was no flash - and Susie and I thought that Crowley had given them a fake, but damn it if the Colt just doesn't work on Fallen Archangels. Which means that they are screwed...because they can't kill the devil. Not unless Castiel finds God or something...not unless Dean kills himself by saying yes.

But Castiel is clever and escaped, and dude if it didn't feel all kinds of nasty when Meg was all leaning up against him. Ugh. Yay for him dumping her in the fire. But we do learn that Castiel can't exorcise demons anymore...so, geez...basically all he can do is heal himself and teleport? Really sucks to be him.

He rescued Sam and Dean though...that was nice of him. But they didn't prevent Death from showing up. So, I guess when we come back from break, they'll be hunting Death and despairing. There's stil Famine and Pestilance to contend with too, if they are going to do all four.

I wish Bobby hadn't burnt that picture.

All in all, a fantastic mid-season finale. It's going to be a long sad winter break. :-(
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