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Randomness and a Question

It's after midnight and I'm trying to avoid going to sleep, for fear of the work week arriving quicker once I do. (Nevermind that it'd probably be better to start the work week on more sleep...rationality is for chumps).

So, let's go over some things I learned tonight by watching the few Chicago Con videos that have trickled in:
1)Dean's lines in 5x08 about "no talent douchebags" was Jensen adlibbing. Also, so was the "a plane crashed here" line in the same speech. Man, Jensen is hilarious.

2)People will pay a lot of money for a watch. I just...I mean, yay for Jared's mom's students...but that was more money than I make in a MONTH! Wow...must be nice to be rich. Ah well, I might not have Sam's watch, but I do live in the same city as the boys, and that's free! Yay! (Well, actually, it cost me about $1200 to drive across the country when I moved here, but that's still cheaper than that watch.)

In other news:
- I like to bold things randomly in entries, in the hopes that it means people will read them.

The status of my fic:

- The show still hasn't gotten to a point where I feel comfortable weaving in a sequel to Damned Demented Demons. I'm thinking I may have to wait until the spring before I start anything...but we'll see. It all depends what happens in the next episode and the first couple in January.
- I AM, however, working on a short Bobby + Hermione piece. No guarantees about when that will be posted, but it is something I'm working on.
- If you are wondering why I'm not as prolific as I was with DDD, it's because I've started working on my novel again...which means I'm doing completely non-supernatural-related writing...which obviously i wouldn't post here. The goal is to do a chapter a month. So far I was a week late on my chapter for October, and I only just started my chapter for November. The only person reading it right now is my sister.
- There is at least one other Supernatural fanfic I want to write, and that I've got about half done, but it's slow going...and truth is, I'm not sure it'll ever be good enough to post. Still, it's there. So, it's not like I've been doing nothing, you know?

- I'm not promising anything, but if I were to write a fic in which Dean and Sam encountered a boggart...what do you think it would manifest as? For non-Harry-Potter fans out there, basically what I'm asking is: What do you think Sam and Dean's greatest fears are? I've actually already sort of made up my mind about Dean's, but I'd be interested to know what you thought Sam's is?

Random Vancouver Information:
- The mountains are covered with snow now. When I can see them, they are beautiful.
- It starts getting dark here at 4pm. I realized that this is the furthest north that I've ever lived, even where I lived in Newfoundland was further south latitudinally. It's only November too...the 21st of December is going to be crazy dark.
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