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Quick Reaction: 5x09 The Real Ghostbusters

Ah Show, you are so ridiculous....

Well, they couldn't possibly top last week (IMO), but this episode had it's great amusing moments too...and was also adorable. Let's see here...once again, I must endeavour to start at the beginning:

Sam and Dean show up! Yay! That's always a good way to start an episode. Becky is hilarious, I still like her. I love that her name is Becky too. Once again, I apologize to all the Beckys out there, but to me Becky is just such the perfect squeeing-fangirl name. I love it when Sam and Dean talk at the same time too.

I thought they were smart to make the fans mostly guys (save Becky). It makes sense on many levels - 1) They don't alienate their ACTUAL fanbase (more than they have by creating Becky). 2) Since Supernatural are a set of books, it makes more sense that it'd be GUYS reading them - not girls. TV is one thing, but girls are less likely to pick up pulp fantasy/genre novels. 3) This way they can turn it into more of a LARPing/Trek-like convention, rather than an actual Supernatural convention.

Chuck is so hilarious. I just want to cuddle him. I absolutely love the shots where we get a close-up of Becky being ridiculous, and it pans out and Chuck is there the whole time. So well done.

Thought the ghosts were a bit cheesy this time through, I have to say, but I think it was purposefully done - since the cheese adds to the overall Convention-Cheese.

Ok, I stopped talking about things in order...but it's all jumbled up in my brain. So, I'll just continue to go at this willy-nilly.

The bungee-cord thing! Wasn't that Jared's idea from one of the conventions? Or was it just someone talking to Jared? I remember that from one of the videos of a Padapanel ETA: According to Superwiki it was talked about by Eric on the commentary for 4x03, as something the boys bug him about - I coulda sworn it was talked about at a Con, but what do I know. A lot of this episode was them making fun of themselves, and I'm sure I didn't catch all the references...

Dean telling Sam to do "the puppy-dog thing" though! That was TOTALLY right out of the fandom...and is my favorite line of the night I think. Actually acknowledging the puppy-dog look.

The LARPing Sam and Dean couple were great. I love their exaggerated low-voices.

Oh, sudden backtrack - I can't believe they killed the cheesy-German! His final cry of "Gott im Himmel!" reminded me of that old Wolfenstein single-shooter game.

Ok, back to the LARPing!Sam'n'Dean...I love the fact that they made them a couple. Gay people are so rare on this show, and on TV in general it's very rare to see them out of stereotype...so, yeah, I mean, obvious joke about the homoerotic-subtext aside, I thought it was an adorable thing to do.

What else did I want to talk about? Oh yeah - the moral lesson Dean learned: YOUR LIFE DOESN'T SUCK!

I love the speech that LARP!Dean gave Dean...about waking up everyday and saving the world, about having a brother who would die for you...I love how he prefaced it with "I don't think you understand what the story is about..."...I love how content Dean seemed at the end of the episode.

Actually, I think a lot of this episode was about bringing the boys together as a unit again - I mean, a HAPPY unit. Despite being pissed off about people knowing everything about their lives...they were far more jovial with each other than they have been in a long time. Also, they were working as a team a lot better than they have been in a long time. The multiple times they spoke at the same time helped too.

Oh yeah! Waitress!Actress...when she was trying to scold the ghosts and it all went to shit, my sister said: "Wow, she's really brave. That Hooters in Toledo must be in a rough neighbourhood."

Chuck saves the day! I love how they worked that in - having Becky switch affections.

Which leads us to what we also learn: There is more in the books than we've seen in the show! We already know that Chuck's been omitting things - Sam and Dean's last name, Sam drinking demon-blood (at least until TMATEOTB) - but now we know that there's also stuff in there that the boys don't know, and that we don't know either. Yes, it makes for a convienence of plot, but it also makes it so that the books are always in question...so that there is no guarantees. Personally, I think it's a smart move.

Ok, I think that's it for now. A little more sedate than my usual Quick Reactions...I kind of threw of my sleep schedule though and have been exhausted all day...so, you'll have to forgive me.

Is next week the last week before Winter-Hiatus? I'm going to be so sad. From the preview though, it looks like it's going to be quite the epic episode.


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Nov. 13th, 2009 06:53 am (UTC)
I think a sedate reaction is a sensible reaction. In a good way. This was a really as you said, adorable episode. It was lots of warm fuzzies, not so much awesome, although simply the fact that they did an episode like this is pretty awesome.

Man, I love chuck. Love. And even though she's kind of scary, I even like Becky. The Becky/Chuck thing cracked me up though, because someone wrote a really funny (but shockingly credible) episode coda to 5x01 with them hooking up. So man, I hope that writer's giving themselves many pats on the back.

There is something interesting there in though, to have chuck trying to get into the fangirl's pants, and having to put up with her outbreaks of crazy. I mean, think of the parallels. The cast & crew need the fans, but have to put up with the outbreaks of crazy, too.
And on a more serious note, despite it being fairly gentle and not too piercing, I thought this episode managed to avoid being too self-indulgent by virtue of using the metafictionality to let the characters examine their lives from the outside, much as the audience and their relationship to the show (and vice versa) is examined.

Still, I think this episode was pretty much a love letter to the fans, and if it were a bit shallow, I'm willing to take it as it is.
Nov. 13th, 2009 07:07 am (UTC)
Well said. I agree with everything.

I think the Chuck/Becky romance really IS the writers directly saying "You guys are crazy, but we do seriously LOVE you." Supernatural has always been really good to it's fans, VERY appreciative, and they put up with a lot :-P
Nov. 13th, 2009 02:51 pm (UTC)
very cool post. mine bounces all over the place too, as you're remembering the little things.

and yes, next week is the last before Winter Hiatus... and i've heard it's supposed to be epic, yes.
Nov. 13th, 2009 07:54 pm (UTC)
:( ...I don't want it to be hiatus so soon....

There are tons of little things I forgot to mention, but I suppose I have to leave some stuff for when I do my rewatch in the Fall!
Nov. 13th, 2009 08:09 pm (UTC)
i know!!

hehe there always is!
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