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Remembrance Day Comment-Fic-Meme!

Up here in Canadaland, Nov. 11 is Remembrance Day - which means I don't have to work! So, in honour of all those who fought for my country in wars and whatnot, I'm going to spend the day writing fanfiction.

And you, dear flist, are going to give me prompts!

WHAT TO DO: Leave me a prompt in comments! I will write a little drabble to fulfil it.

1. I only write Gen.
2. I don't watch much TV, so if you suggest crossovers, I might not have the knowledge to do it.
3. For those of you who friended me based on my Harry Potter/Supernatural crossover. You CAN prompt me to write with the Harry Potter characters; HOWEVER, if it is already a scene that I'm working on for the sequel, I may refuse the request, because I don't want to spoil the surprise...or I may still write it, but not set it in the Damned Demented Demon 'verse.
4. You can prompt until the end of Nov. 11th (in whatever time zone you are in.)


PS: I'll feel really pathetic if nobody prompts. I've been jazzing myself up to do this for a whole week.
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