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Quick Reaction: 5x08 Changing Channels

Ok, before I run off to read everyone else's thoughts, let's get my own down....

I absolutely LOVE the Trickster, so when I saw the preview for this and realized it was another Trickster episode, I was pretty jazzed. And man, I was not disappointed...but, before I get ahead of my self, let's try to do this from the beginning.

Oh man! The beginning nearly killed me. HILARIOUS! I was on the floor laughing (helps that I always sit on the floor to watch SPN, but that's neither here nor there). The THEME SONG! I seriously nearly died, because I was laughing too hard to breath...that was possibly the most adorable thing I have ever seen. It was done so well...the classic sitcom font on the titles...the horrible CHEESE...it was like Three's Company or something, only with Sam and Dean. Oh man, the TANDEM BIKE! 

And then the mini motorbikes...and knowing that Jensen and Jared actually DO have mini-motorbikes...just, hilarious. Everyone must have had so much fun filming this episode.

Ok, then the actual show starts...and Dean's all wrapped up in Dr. Sexy MD. I was laughing because he was watching that sex-scene like it was a football game.

The Hulk conversation was good too. I like it when the boys get something so weird that THEY find it weird...the first Trickster episode and the depressed Teddy Bear spring to mind.

Dean actually says "...since Mystery Spot"...it's sort of funny for a character to refer to an episode like that, instead of saying "Burrard County" (or whatever it was - Burrard is my Skytrain stop for work in Vancouver, so I could be getting confused). I've often wondered if Dean read Chuck's Mystery Spot novel...

I was actually with Sam, hoping that the Trickster would help them. I was always a firm believer that the Trickster was actually one their side...that his warning in Mystery Spot to Sam had been about Ruby manipulating him, had been him trying to prevent all this...actually, even with the twist at the end of this episode, I think I still believe that he had been trying to prevent all of this before.

Cinemagraphic Sidenote: What is with the camera angle on Sam in this scene? It seems strange to me.

Then they actually get to TVLand. I love how the door actually says "4" on it. For some reason I always picture Supernatural filming on Stage 4. I do not know why...I think  Jensen referred to Riverview as Stage 4 before...or maybe Stage 5? Someone tell me, this is bugging me now.

Dean's crush on Dr. Sexy! Oh man...I'm not sure what they're trying to say here...but Jensen did that so adorably - putting that first hand knowledge of what it looks like from Dr. Sexy's view to good use! ;-)

I like how it's totally making fun of Grey's Anatomy...and they even have JDM's character....and a version of Sandra Oh. I've only seen 1 episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Oh! Sam and the chicky-poo who keeps slapping him. I was wondering at the time if his character meant something...I mean, there's Sam wandering the halls having some girl come up to him and repeatedly tell him that it wasn't his fault....

Then Dean gets shot! And Sam operates WINCHESTER-STYLE! Possibly my FAVORITE PART of the episode...not that I can really choose just one favorite part.

"I need a pen-knife, some dental floss, a sewing needle, and fifth of whisky! STAT!" - words cannot describe how awesome this is....I just love how it's not having to fish a bullet out of Dean that throws Sam off, it's the fact that he doesn't know how to use any of the tools in the room...man...just, perfect.

And they made him wear one of those dorky surgeon caps! What's not to love here?

What came next? Oh! The game show...I actually saw a lot of Jared in Sam in the Japanese game show. I guess maybe because Sam is usually never in that type of scenerio...haha, not that Jared is...what am I trying to say here...umm, Sam on the Japanese gameshow was actually a lot like what Jared looks like at conventions, I guess. When he's trying to be all polite "I'm sorry, I don't know Japanese"...and he's all confused about what people are saying and what the hell is going on. It was hilarious.

Also, Dean looked REALLY skinny on the game show...maybe it was the lights? It certainly was interesting to see the boys all lit differently. The sitcom was especially strange.

Dean's question...OUCH. "Would your mother and father still be alive if Sam was never born?" and the answer is Yes....mind you, Dean doesn't know what the question is. I'm wondering if the Trickster was trying to enrage Dean somehow, get him to WANT to kill Sam maybe? Even though Dean couldn't understand the japanese. He said "so desu" well though. I don't know enough Japense to critique the rest.

My sister and I both agree that we would choose Sam over Mary and John, but we're possibly biased.

And Cas shows up! CAS! Apparently the Winchesters have been missing for DAYS...odd, given that it's just the second show and the Trickster told them they had to survive 24 hours...

The herpes commercial!! Haha, what is the obsession this season with giving Sam veneral diseases? Hehehe, it was very good though...and nice to see Sam all in basket-ball mode...mmm....oh, got distracted there, sorry.

Ok, then we get the sitcom! And Cas shows up again! CAS! He's all bloody! And gets thrown into a wall! No!

And when Cas suggested the Trickster might not be the Trickster, and then the speech the Trickster made...I totally thought it was Zachariah messing with Dean again...but then when the Trickster told Dean not to ever presum to know anything about him, I was like "I don't know...if it was Zach he would have revealed himself by now I think...Zach's too arrogant to hide behind another face. Then I thought that maybe it was just that Zach had the Trickster by the balls or something...haha...man, well, I wasn't THAT far off, but yeah, I was off.

Then we get the CSI: Miami knock-off. I like Dean's diatribe on cop-shows. Man, I was big into CSI Las Vegas for a good year or two there...but yeah, lost interest for much the same reasons that Dean points out.

I love all the one liners and the pauses and the odd face tilts, and how Sam keeps taking off and putting back on his sunglasses again and again and again, until the last time he puts them on they are slightly crooked...so good.

And I seriously thought that had finally killed the Trickster, and I was so disappointed! I figured that now that the Trickster was dead, Zachariah would swoop in and be like "You killed my pagan-god slave!"

I was definitely not expecting Sam to become the Impala. I love how Sam's a car, and Dean's just driving...and man...then there's the trunk joke, and I love how they don't just stop at the "that's uncomfortable" joke, they also have Sam say "ow" when Dean slams the trunk, and then when he's turned back into himself, he's rubbing his ass a little. Man...show, you are so silly.

But the boys figure it out before I do...I was still expecting the Trickster of being controlled...not, well, not anything other than a Trickster. Certainly I was not expecting Gabriel.

So, the Trickster is Gabriel - runaway archangel, who couldn't stand the fighting any more. I find it interesting, because at one point in the episode, Gabriel yelled at Dean to "shut your cakehole!" and I remember thinking "wow, classic Dean line...wonder why they did that?" But I'm starting to think that the Archangels are all different facets of Dean's personality...they are all at different stages of Dean's personal story. Because Gabriel is S1 Dean, who just wants the fighting within his family to stop. Raphael is S2 Dean, who is TIRED and just wants EVERYTHING to stop. I'm wondering if they'll have Daniel or if we'll ever see Michael in a temporary vessel...it'd be interesting to see if my theory holds true.

Gabriel tells us that Sam and Dean are destined to kill each other...or well, one will kill the other. I guess it's a theme of the show that's been there from the beginning, but definitely since S2...and man, I do not want it to be true anymore than the Winchesters do.  I like that Dean just says "No"...well, I like Dean's response in general. I'll let other people go into meta about these speeches.

Side note: Holy crap, the angles and lightening on Jensen in these scenes, with that coat...it reminds me of particular (S2?) promo shots of Jensen...just, man, he looks AMAZING. Absolutely gorgeous.

I like the fact that Dean doesn't leave Gabriel/Trickster caged. Despite everything, I still think Gabriel/Trickster can be brought around to the Winchester's side of the this crazy 3 way battle. He's already rogue...has been for a while...he was in control when they last met him, but now he's getting sloppy because he's getting desperate. I think though, that what Dean said might get through to him...about standing up to his family. It's what Dean didn't learn to do until S3 (when he stood up to the other version of himself in DALDOM). I don' t know, maybe my softspot for the Trickster is showing, but I'm not ready to discount him as an ally yet.

Gabriel is a pretty powerful dude...I mean, traditionally he's a common mouth-piece for God. He told Mary she was knocked up, and he dictated the Koran to Muhammed. Really, he does remind me a lot of S1 Dean, the only thing he's missing is the faith Dean had in his father. Castiel is S1 Dean's faith.

I'm assuming at the end of the episode that Castiel got in the backseat...because, umm, dude looked like he needed to lay down for a bit, and Sam and Dean just sort of ignored him.

Anyway, damn, now I completely forget how I was going to conclude this whole spiel. I JUST had it in my head and oh yeah! The Trickster/Gabriel twist!

I liked it! It was a cool way to tie the angels into the first few seasons...to have one present, but hiding. I know they did it as an afterthought though, but still it works. It was well done. I'm still a fan of the Trickster/Gabriel. I still think that he did want to help the Winchesters before, and I still believe that he could be a good ally to them...I still think that he despite everything, despite how upset he is, that he does like them a little bit. I think he likes the fact that they aren't afraid to go against the grain, even if it just came back to bite him in the ass. I think he NEEDED to be bitten in the ass. I'm really hoping that Dean's words had some effect on him. 

I once played Gabriel in a school play (when I was 9)...and I've always loved the Trickster...so maybe I am biased.
So, those are my thoughts! I can't wait to watch this again when I time-line it...and watch it a third time when the DVDs come out next fall. Really awesome episode. I agree with those that say it stacks up there with The Monster At The End Of This Book.

What are your thoughts?

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