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Filming trailers...possibly

On my way home from work today, I saw a location shoot, I think. There are these parking lots in this sort of no-man's-land area between skytrain tracks/elevated roads, just after Stadium...basically between Stadium and Science World, close to the small harbour there. Anyway, usually the parking lots are almost empty, but today one of them was absolutely jam packed with white trailers. One of the trailers said "Location Catering" on it. I'm assuming it's some production, but I could be wrong.

Whatever it was, they must have been filming inside somewhere, because that location cannot pass for anything other than Vancouver if you are doing any wide-shots. You have the huge Canucks banners hanging from the stadium to the west, boat-masts to the South-West, Science world in the south, and an elevated skytrain to the North and East.  So, yeah, either they are doing extremely tight shots, or they were inside a nearby building...hopefully one without windows....or maybe they were actually filming something set in Vancouver. Who knows.

Anyway, fun times in Vancouver.
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