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Repeat Thursday....

I've downloaded last week's episode so that I can time-line it all nice and proper. I'm wondering though...you know how some people can get REALLY close up screen caps - like, they can zoom in and actually SEE the time on Sam's laptop without it being a huge blur? How do they do that?

Anyway, so, tonight I'm time-lining 5x06. I also wrote another section of "Dean's Completely Unnoticed Teenage Rebellion", which I'm really happy about. It's a hard thing to write, because first I've got to think of reasons why Dean would actually rebel, then I've got to think of the WAYS he would rebel, and then I've got to think of why they went completely unnoticed...plus, on top of all of that, I have to think of all the typical things normal teenagers do to rebel. It's a hard task, since I was never a normal teenager and Dean was even MORE not-normal than I was.

So far I've got two different sections, one of which is based on something I actually did that went completely unnoticed. I have another thing I did that went completely unnoticed, but it's more of a petty-revenge-against-family-member thing, and I'm not sure Dean would do that to either Sam or John, so I'm not sure it's usable.

The hard thing will be trying to figure out if I want Sam to put two and two together and realize what Dean did, or if I want it to forever remain a mystery...leave my readers trying to read between the lines to figure out where and how Dean was rebelling.

Debating debating...
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