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Adorable things

I'm bored. Let's talk about adorable things...

1. Boys are adorable. Girls are too sometimes...but only sometimes.

2. Two of my nieces are 4 years apart. I can't help but picture them as boys and think that that's what Sam and Dean must have been like as kids...only, you know, without my sister around and horribly traumatized..while my brother-law turns into a crazy driven Hunter, instead of being a mild-mannered urban-planner. Anyway, there's this adorable picture my sister has of them, with the older one wrapping her arm around the baby to protect her from a scary scene in a movie they are watching on tv...only the baby is staring wide-eyed and amazed at the TV and isn't scared at all. It's pretty adorable.

3. While out walking tonight, Susie and I saw a raccoon. It followed along with us for a bit. We told it that we couldn't take it home with us and it should go back to the forest. It disappeared between some houses eventually. 

4. You know how in S4, Dean is always seen sleeping on top of the sheets fully clothed with just his jacket thrown over him? I like to think that it's because he's afraid to sleep because of the nightmares...so he stays awake too much, and eventually just passes out fully clothed against his will...and Sam throws his jacket over him and worries.

5. I thought Misha Collins' twitter posts today were adorable - the ones about getting life-insurance policies out on all of his minions because if anything happened to one of us he might be left with no means to care for himself. I am not sure why I found this adorable, but I do.

If you think of any adorable things I might like, let me know. They do not necessarily have to be Supernatural related.

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