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Quick Reaction: 5x06 I Believe The Children Are Our Future


Cutest Anti-Christ EVER!

Ok, let's see if I can remember stuff...

Where did we begin? I can't even remember the first case...oh yeah! Babysitter kid scratches brains out. Was she watching that Kujo movie? Anyway...

I love the theme of Sam and Dean being SO used to playing FBI that the authorities actually CALL them with new cases, haha...seriously, it's not even acting anymore. They're so confident in their roles...and yes, I know I'm going all A-Midsummer's-Night-Dream-Play-Within-a-Play...but it's true. (And did I ever mention that I was once IN AMND? I played a dude, because there were only two guys in the production and one of them really wanted to play the fairy...ok, I'm off track.)

Anyway, Page and Plant! Yay!

Next, we get the buzzer...I love Dean immediately eating the ham. I also love how when Sam's like "Still with the ham?!" and Dean says "We don't have a fridge!!" Hahaha

And the hair on the hands...oh man...I don't even know what to say about that.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...I like Dean's funny face, and that he believed sea-monkeys had whole little lives. I used to believe that about absolutely everything when I was a kid. It's also great fodder for psycho-analyzing Dean, because when he was 6 and thinking that sea-monkey's lived in family units with sea-pot-roasts, he was also bullseyeing bottles and being trained by his Dad...it's an amazingly odd duality to try to hold in your head.

And then getting the wrong guy when they try to dramatically accuse the novelty store owner and they only manage to freak him out. Nice...

And then they meet Jesse. I like how Sam immediately connects with the kid...even before he knows that the kid is a freak , he just connects to the fact that the kid is making himself soup. Poor Sam didn't stand a chance in this episode.

Dean's move with the electric shocker was BOLD! Holy hell. Dean's really risking Sam's life there. One thing you can say - he's definitely not treating Sam like his fragile kid-brother anymore.

I like how Dean tells Jesse's birth-mother that he's a good kid.

And then we get Cas! ....and a well used whoopie cushion...:-P  I really do mean that it was well-used though. Part of me is thinking that Dean was planning that from the moment he saw it in the shop. And I didn't WANT to laugh, because I think whoopie cushions are horribly juvenile...but I must admit, I did laugh...really hard.

You know, for a while now I've been wanting some Castiel-Sam interaction, because we only ever saw him with Dean...so we knew that dynamic well...and we finally got it. I think I summed it up best when I turned to Susie and said "Wow...Sam and Cas are not friends."

Wow, Sam and Cas are not friends. I don't really know what else to say. I think maybe Sam's been apologizing to the wrong person about the whole apocalypse thing...

Interestingly, Cas genuinely did look reluctant to kill Jesse - if only a little...I mean, he genuinely looked like he was sorry, like he wished he didn't have to...he even APOLOGIZED before hand. I think that's a huge difference from the Cas we say in the first half of S4...in my personal opinion anyway.

And the little action-figure Cas is adorable.

I like the pause before Dean lies when Jesse asks if he's a friend of theirs.

I like the fact that Sam DID get to follow through with the whole truth-angle...that we are left with the optimistic ending. It's such a nice change from the pessimism of last season - 4x04 (Metamorphosis) springs to mind. In S4, there was no escape from fate, but in S5...well, there's at least hope.

I like that Dean admits that Cas is a "buddy" of his...and that Cas was just confused when he tried to kill Jesse. I really like the fact that Dean has a friend who isn't Sam (or Bobby)...a friend who isn't family. Maybe it's an extremely odd friendship, but I think it's good for Dean.

Finally, even five seasons into Supernatural, it still circles back to John Winchester. I really love this show for that fact - that the show started out being about two brothers and their distant father, and it's STILL about two brothers and their distant father....even though they found their father, he died, they died, and Lucifer rose...it's still has this amazingly basic core.

I don't think it's a revelation that Dean wishes their father had lied to them....I think it might be the first time he's voiced this thought outloud to Sam, instead of dutifully supporting his father's decisions...but since S2 we've seen that Dean tried to shelter Sam from the truth when he was young - and what's that if not an attempt to give Sam what Dean never had? Dean never had a childhood...and like most things, it comes down to choice. The truth robbed them of the choice to be a kid - just like what they did to Jesse. The truth caused them to be Hunters - again, without being given the choice....Dean's time and time again mentioned in one way or another that he doesn't have a choice in the matter, that it's "too late" for him to choose anything BUT Hunting. I think that's a choice that John Winchester made for them - and it's arguable whether it was a good or bad choice - who's to say! So much of this show centres around the free will vs. fate debate....anyway, it's all very interesting, and maybe I'll be more coherent later.

The anti-christ is totally in Australia folks.

Man, there was something else I wanted to talk about, but now I've completely forgotten. I hate it when that happens.

Here's something I JUST thought of: First time we see a demon go from male-to-female....or literally, from female-male-female. We could assume that the demon is male "the father"...which would make it the first male-in-female possession that we've seen on the show. Someone wrote a cool meta/thinky post about sexual assault on Supernatural...mentioning that all the terminology for possession is the same terminology for rape. I should go find that thinky-post again, I really liked it...anyway, they pointed out that Supernatural is all about the male>male sexual assault, with a fair dose of female>male (where the female is the agressor) sexual assualt, and then the rare (Ruby, Meg) female>female sexual assault...but I think this is the first time we actually see male>female sexual assualt (besides BUABS, which was dubious because it was female>male>female assault.)

Ok, I still don't remember what else I wanted to say...so I'll just leave it on that extremely weird note.

The Anti-Christ LIVES!...and he is ADORABLE!

....seriously, Susie wanted to adopt him.
Let me know if I missed anything that you want me to chat about! It's always so hard to remember everything, and I know I've definitely forgotten something on this one somewhere...

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