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Glee and Supernatural: The Cory Montieth Connection

I've been watching Glee with my sister on Wednesday nights. It's fun. I really like Jane Lynch. Anyway, tonight I decided to look up some of the cast members, and I discovered that Finn is Canadian!

Cory Montieth is from Calgary. I didn't even know...then as I was scrolling down his IMDB page and discovered that he was on Supernatural! Small world! Susie didn't remember the episode at all - it was Wendigo, so a LONG time ago - so I popped in my DVD and we refreshed our memory. Poor Cory gets killed in the teaser...

...but not before saying some lines, including "It's my moment of victory!" - which he delivers with one of the thickest Canadian accents I've ever heard unintentionally done on American TV.

Good job Cory...I'm thinking you may have had a voice coach between then and Glee...it's either that or I'm just not noticing it now because I sound like that too. In truth, I don't think I would have really noticed it in Wendigo if Susie hadn't have pointed it out immediately...but once she did, it was pretty remarkable. I'm going to have to keep my ears open next time I watch Glee.
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