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Timelining S5: A week and a half or 3 months?

Ok, so I'm doing things differently this year and I've decided to timeline the show as we go, rather than waiting on the DVDs. So, I've come to my first conundrum! How long was the Winchester Schism of 2009?

5x03 Free To Be You and Me -

Does it take place during he first-second week of June OR  does it cover all of June to August 24nd, 2009?!!?

There are two ways to interpret the timing of this episode.
1. The boys spend a week apart - Dean hunts a Vampire and Sam gets a job - before the events of the episode take place
2. The boys have spent nearly 3 months apart: The date spotted on Sam's laptop on the second day of his storyline - 08/23/09, 3:38pm - would mean that the boys have actually spent almost 3 months apart.

Let's look at the supporting evidence for both:

- Lindsey tells Sam that he blew into town "last week" - this would support the one week theory; though, one could also argue that Sam may not have given up the normadic lifestyle, and this might not be his first stop since leaving Dean.

- I find it doubtful that Cas would go almost three months without contacting Dean; however, the two storylines we are seeing may NOT actually be happening simultaneously. It is possible that we are seeing Dean in June and Sam in August.

-The next episode - The End - may also take place in August. Given that Sam calls Dean with the news from Lucifer at the beginning of that episode, it is likely that it follows shortly after this one, as I doubt Sam would keep the information from his brother for long. That being said, The End might not actually take place in August either...

(Random note: It's dark outside even though Sam's laptop says that it's only 3:38pm...I wonder what time-zone his laptop is set to...)

5x04 - The End

Does it take place Mid June OR end of August 2009?

More evidence:

-Dean is transported to August 2014 - either he was transported there because that is when the final show down with Lucifer takes place, or he was transported there because it happens to be EXACTLY 5 years in the future. However...

-Dean says that he is from the "tail-end" of 2009 - which would support the August, 2009 date more than the June date.

-Another interesting thing to note is that Dean said he drove "16 hours" to get to Kansas City at the beginning of the episode - we last saw him in Maine. Maine to Kansas City is considerably further than a 16 hour drive. Which could support the idea that the storylines we see in Free to Be You and Me are actually not occuring simultaneously...if we believe that Sam would have called Dean immediately after his visit from Lucifer, which I personally do.
So, what do you guys think? Fallen Idol tells us nothing (that I've found so far) besides that it takes place 3 weeks after The End.

I won't be adding this to my master-timeline until after the season is over, but if any of you have any question about the dates so far, you can always ask and I'll tell you what I've figured out.

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