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Fic: Damned Demented Demons 30/32 (SPN/HP)

Title: Damned Demented Demons 30/32
Author: ME!
Fandoms: Supernatural/Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13 (for swearing)
Warnings: Spoilers for all Harry Potter books, Spoilers up to 4x17 for Supernatural (but takes place around 4x11).
Disclaimer: Sam and Dean belong to Kripke, Harry Potter belongs to Rowling.
A/N: I thought that the Battle of Hogwarts took place in Spring 1997...so that's what I based my timeline on. Since then I've seen that most sources have it in 1998. Ah well. In this story it's 1997. The events of the story take place sometime in late 2008.
A/N to Chapter 30: A little bit shorter, my apologies. But, you may notice that the ? is gone! That's right, the story is all written up. I just have to edit the last few chapters and they should be up in no time. If there is anyone out there that does fanart and reads these notes, and wants to make me a little story-banner, I'd be very appreciative.

Summary: In which Sam discovers a new talent too and Harry and Dean have to suffer the consequences.

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"We've got to get Dean out of here," Harry said, frantically prying at the knot in the chain around his wrist. Every time he pulled on it, it seemed to get tighter, it figured that the Winchesters would be trained in effective knot work.

"I leave and Sam becomes dinner," Dean stated.

"I'll apparate us all out," Harry said, "It's not like I haven't done it before. Sam will be fine, I know-"

"Sir!" Phil appeared next to Harry, "McCoy and Lopez are out."

Harry's brain scrambled to rearrange the battle plan in his head, accounting for being two men down.

"Something has to kill these motherfuckers," Dean muttered.

"Transfer Ahmed to defense and make sure our containment points are protected." Harry ordered, eying Dean as Dean said something to Ron and motioned towards the Impala. "Keep Allison on standby to sub if one of them falls. I'll leave my mirror open to transmission, in case Ron or I need to step in for transport."

"Dean, we have to go!" Sam said, desperately.

"Sir? The Dementors..." Phil was saying.

"I know, Phil!" Harry said, "we have to get..."

Then Harry watched shocked as Ron's terrier blinked out of existence and Ron waved his wand towards the Impala and then brought it back with a short flick of the wrist. He couldn't possibly be...Dean's hand shot to his ring as soon as the Patronus disappeared and Harry could see him taking measured breaths, then, with lightening fast reflexes, Dean reached up and snatched two things out of the air.

"Mr. O'Shaughnessy! We've got a concentrated attack on containment point Beta!" Phil's mirror demanded, and without a word to Harry, Phil disapparated.

"Dean?!" Harry yelled, "what the bloody hell are you doing?"

Ron's Patronus returned and looped around Dean's ankles once more, it was still unstable though, and Harry was seriously concerned about Ron's headwound.

"I have an idea," Dean said, holding up two odd looking guns.

"No way in hell, Dean!" Sam said.

"If I'm inside the containment zone when the walls go up, do I get trapped in with the Dementors?" Dean said, looking around.

"Dean, what...?" Harry and Sam both started to say, but Ron interrupted them.

"Yes and no, it'd be fairly simple to do a localized counter-spell that would exclude you from the containment zone." Ron said, and Harry furrowed his brow at him...how did he possibly say that sentence while his head was bleeding so much?

"Ron! You aren't helping!" Harry said, "Dean, you can't-"

"Can you do that?" Dean asked, "protect us from going with them?"

"Yeah sure, mate" Ron said, "I jus' hafta have perfect timing. Le'sgo."

Dean took off running and Harry watched slightly horrified as Ron pushed himself off the car and stumbled after him.

"Fuck!" Harry said, "that's it. I'm taking us all out of here. My team can finish this without-"

"Harry! Code Red on Containment Point Gamma! You're closest!" Phil's voice rose out of Harry's pocket. Without thinking about it, Harry spun around and ordered his Patronus away from Sam's side and off towards the Containment Point. They couldn't afford to lose any more men.

Harry noticed Sam's wide-eyed panic as the stag ran away.

"Sorry Sam," Harry said, "It won't be long, I'm sure-"

Harry cut himself off abruptly. He could see his own breath, Sam was shaking...a branch snapped in the cold behind him.

The Dementors were attacking.

Sam pivoted on his heel and aimed the shotgun he was holding behind them. The shot deafened Harry's left ear momentarily. Harry turned to see the Dementor be tossed back a bit, but then recover and come right for them again.

"Dean!" Sam yelled and took off running after his brother, nearly yanking Harry's arm out of his socket as a result.

The Dementors were toying with them now, swarming in clouds above them, then dipping down, swooping by their heads, causing their steps to falter as memories came rushing back. Harry tried to think of Ginny, his Patronus, although at a distance, still kept him conscious just by existing.

"Gamma secure," Phil's voice rang out through his mirror, and Harry breathed a sigh of relief, flicking his wand in a command for the Patronus to return to him.

Up ahead, they could see Dean and Ron, stumbling through the park, being treated to the same torment by the Dementors. They were being played with, Harry thought...Dementors always liked to play with their food. Ron's Patronus was still there, but it was weak. Harry didn't know if it was due to the Dementors or Ron's obvious concussion, or maybe a combination of both. They had to get out of there.

"Dean!" Sam called again, just as a Dementor swooped low over his brother's head. Then Harry watched amazed as Dean aimed his strange gun at the Dementor and fired - wires seemed to extend from the gun to the Dementor and suddenly there was a giant crackle and then the Dementor dropped out of the sky in a heap on the ground.

"Bloody hell!" Harry heard Ron yell from beside Dean, "It actually worked! You killed it!"

"Fucking tazers," Sam muttered from beside Harry as they finally gained ground on Dean and Ron. "He's only got one shot left now."

"Harry! Zeta! Zeta!" Harry's mirror shouted, and Harry cursed, just as his Patronus returned, he had to send it away again. This time off to the North-East.

"No!" Sam said, "don't send it away!"

Harry could see where Dean stumbled and fell to his knees in the grass ahead of them, overcome despite the weak light of Ron's Patronus and the victory in discovering how to kill a Dementor.

Harry was torn. If he protected Dean, and the containment failed, they were all doomed. Ron's Patronus would keep Dean from being kissed and that's all that mattered. They could revive Dean with chocolate later.

"Sam," Harry said, "focus on your bracelet. Dean will be-"

"No!" Sam yelled, as another Dementor swooped low over Dean's head. Ron making his terrier jump through the air to drive it back, while he knelt talking directly into Dean's ear.

"Sam!" Harry tried again, "You have to-"

Suddenly Sam stopped, dropped his shotgun, and grabbed both of Harry's hands in his, holding tight around where Harry held his wand.

"You have to save him!" Sam ordered, and forced Harry to flick his wand towards Dean.

"Sam, that's not the way-" Harry started, but then Sam tightened his grip, nearly crushing Harry's hand under his, and waved the wand again, and Harry gasped as Sam said,

"Expecto Patronum!"

Harry didn't know what was happening. A beam of silvery-blue light leapt from the end of his wand and hit Dean in the back. At the same time, Harry's knees gave out, and if it wasn't for Sam's tight grip on his hands he would have fallen over completely.

Harry watched transfixed as Dean doubled over and then suddenly sat back on his heals and arched his back, chest heaving. Ron scrambled away in fright, the terrier blinking out of existence as he lost concentration.

"No..." Harry gasped, realizing what Sam had done, "not again...no..."

A mass of silvery-blue rose and unfurled itself from Dean's back, and Harry drew in a breath as he realized that they were the raven's wings...huge silvery-blue raven wings. They were beautiful.

Dean rose and turned to look back at where Sam and Harry stood. Harry could see the terror in his expression, yet his eyes...his eyes were the silvery-blue eyes Harry had seen in the Chamber at the Ministry...the silvery-blue eyes of a wolf.

Harry was going to pass out. He was shaking. He didn't know how this had happened. It felt like all the strength was leaving him, it felt like...

Harry's eyes lowered to where Sam and he were tied together in dawning comprehension. There, resting against their two wrists, was the crystal pendant...the crystal pendant made from the same crystal as the Chamber walls...the pendant that had the ability to conduct magic....the crystal pendent that was glowing the same blue as Sam's bracelet.

Sam was draining him.

"Dean! No, I...!" Sam said from beside him, and Harry looked back up, exhausted, to see Dean still standing, still terrified, still half human and half-Patronus, and Harry realized that he couldn't breathe, that his chest was heaving but no air was getting in, he was being choked...choked by the magic that now existed inside him.

"The wand," Harry rasped out, the effort it took to explain suddenly too much, "give him the wand! He has to say it too."

Sam must have heard him, because his grip on Harry's wand changed, from forcibly holding it to allowing Harry to release it.

"Dean!" Sam yelled, holding the wand out as if to throw it, "you need the wand - you need to do the spell!"

Dean's hand reached out towards them and Harry watched as the wand leaped straight from Sam's hand through the air into Dean's. Dean never said the spell out loud, but Harry watched as he furrowed his brow at the wand, and then waved it in determination, mouthing the words.

The wings disappeared as a mass of silvery-blue leaped out of Dean's chest, taking the form of a wolf with huge raven wings as it landed on the ground in front of him. Dean fell to his knees behind it, breathing deeply, his eyes now back to deep green and wide with shock. Then the Raven-Wolf ran forward, splitting in two as it did, becoming the separate raven and wolf Patronuses. The raven flapped it's wings and took off to the air, circling above Dean's head, while the wolf ran in a loop around them on the ground.

There was a pull on Harry's arm, and he realized that Sam was trying to run towards Dean again, only Harry wasn't on his feet.

"Come on!" Sam said, "what the hell is wrong with you!"

Harry didn't know whether to laugh or cry, as he tried to get his legs under him without success. He felt an arm around his chest and suddenly he was being carried - with one arm - Sam had tossed him onto his shoulder like it was nothing.

Phil's voice came from Harry's pocket as they arrived.

"Clear! Containment in 10..."

"What the hell was that!" Dean asked as they approached, "put him down Sam!"

Harry landed in an ungraceful heap on the ground, his left arm still held above him where it was attached to Sam.

"Harry! What the hell was that!?" Dean asked again.


"Ron!" Harry yelled, pushing himself onto all fours and realizing what was about to happen, "Counter!"


Harry looked over at Ron to see him starring wide-eyed at all of them, the blood still pouring from his head wound.

"COUNTER NOW!" Harry yelled.


Ron's wand whipped around in a series of quick movements, while the charms and spells rolled off his tongue. Harry cringed and shut his eyes, realizing that one mispronunciation, on slur too many, and they would be trapped in a cloud of Dementors and transferred to a holding area, and they'd all be doomed...

Then silence.

Harry opened his eyes slowly and sat back in the grass. He looked up to see the small dome of shimmering light over their heads. Beyond it, the storm of Dementors, flying frantically back and forth as they found themselves walled in behind impenetrable wards.

"Containment achieved!" Phil's voice spoke from Harry's mirror. "Transport positions"

Harry knew that it would take nearly every member of his team to transport the Dementors. It was as precise an operation as containment was - one man for every fence-post, all apparating to designated coordinated at the exact same instant.

"Harry?" Phil's voice spoke over the mirror, "please tell me you aren't trapped in there?"

Harry fumbled with his mirror, fingers weak and clumsy. He could feel Dean's eyes on him. Ron was too busy concentrating on maintaining the counter-spell, and Sam was too busy trying to see what was going on outside the dome that protected them.

"We're fine, Phil" Harry said back, trying to make his voice steady and strong.

"Harry?" Phil said, "I have to go with them, we lost Henderson."

"Roger," Harry said, and then closed the mirror, though he still left it open to hear Phil's orders.

"Transport in 5...4..." Phil commanded easily, "3...2...1-"

There was a great flash of light beyond the dome and the darkness suddenly disappeared, replaced by the burning orange of the dying sunset. The shimmering dome above them vanished with a wave of Ron's wand. The sense of chaos dropped away and only left the four of them, sitting on the grass in an empty city park. There was a fine frost covering every surface as far as the eye could see, but other than that, no sign that the Dementors had ever been there.

Harry was doing his best to stay conscious, but he was so very tired.

"What the hell happened to me?" Dean's voice broke the silence. Harry laughed mirthlessly.

"Ask your brother," Harry muttered.

"Sam?" Dean asked.

"I don't know!" Sam said, "I don't know what happened! I just wanted to-"

"Give me my wand back," Harry interrupted, "I'm cutting myself lose, I don't bloody care if I lose my bloody hand in the process."

"Harry?" Ron said, "Let me do it, you look like your about to pass-"

"Sorry, man" Dean replied at the same time, "here you-"

Harry looked up to where Dean and Ron both approached him and saw the shadows shift behind them, but it was too late to warn them of the figures he saw approaching from distance, too late to warn them of the raised hand. Just as he opened his mouth to say something, both Dean and Ron were flung backwards, wands flying out of their hands as they hit the ground several meters away and didn't get back up. Harry felt Sam tense beside him as the figures stepped out of the long shadows of the trees and into the fading light.

Their eyes were black.

Chapter 31

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