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Fic: Damned Demented Demons 29/32 (SPN/HP)

Title: Damned Demented Demons 29/32
Author: ME!
Fandoms: Supernatural/Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13 (for swearing)
Warnings: Spoilers for all Harry Potter books, Spoilers up to 4x17 for Supernatural (but takes place around 4x11).
Disclaimer: Sam and Dean belong to Kripke, Harry Potter belongs to Rowling.
A/N: I thought that the Battle of Hogwarts took place in Spring 1997...so that's what I based my timeline on. Since then I've seen that most sources have it in 1998. Ah well. In this story it's 1997. The events of the story take place sometime in early 2009.

Summary: In which Ron takes charge and the Winchesters realize he's smarter than they thought.

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Harry was yanked backwards as Sam took off to follow Dean to the car. This was ridiculous. That stupid chain was digging a line into Harry's wrist.

"Sam!" Harry said, trying to pry the knot loose without dropping his wand, while stumbling to keep up with Sam's long legs, "this is getting ridiculous, I'm going to fucking cut this..."

"Dude, you think I like having my right hand tied to a wizard?" Sam responded, looking over his shoulder "You ran off immediately after I told you not to. We shouldn't even be here..."

"You can't expect me to go into battle with a bloody Muggle half-giant pulling me around on a leash!?" Harry replied, only to have Dean cut off whatever reply Sam was about to give.

"Both of you shut-up..." Dean said, popping the trunk, "...and tell me if you think fire would have any effect." Dean was holding a weird looking red can that had something tapped around it. There was a slightly unnerving gleam in his eyes. Harry sighed.

"Nothing you have is going to work," Harry said.

"Have you ever tried fire?" Dean asked.

"Well, no" Harry said, "but-"

"How about electrocution?" Dean cut Harry off, holding up an odd looking gun.

"No Dean!" Sam said, and Harry was surprised to hear a note of fear in his voice, "it's been raining"

Dean shrugged. He tossed Sam a shot-gun, a handgun, and a knife, then stuffed a handful of ammunition into Sam's jacket pocket. Dean himself picked up the weird red can, a handgun, two different knives, and his own handful of ammunition. Harry was still trying to pry the knot loose. A severing charm that close to his wrist was probably a bad idea, but it was tempting, especially when Sam turned and actually slapped his hand away...stupid Winchesters, it was all pointless, all of it was pointless...

"Harry," Dean said, "can you...I need..."

Harry snapped his attention away from his wrist to see Dean turning his ring over and over on his finger, where it glowed a deep blue. There was frost forming on the car windows, the grass, Harry could see their breath...

"Expecto Patronum" a voice said behind Harry and Ron's terrier darted between his legs and ran circles around Dean's feet.

"Sorry mate, I was getting the team status from Phil," Ron said, "the South-East isn't moving fast enough. The Dementors following us will be in the park in two minutes at most, but the others are still ten minutes out. It's doesn't do any good to get the Containment Unit here and only be able to contain half the problem, and there's no way that we'll be able to withstand the onslaught of the ones following us while we wait for the other team. Not when we can't avoid being surrounded."

Harry saw Ron glance at Sam and Dean and realized what he meant. The Dementors would come straight for the worst ones...feed off the worst ones. Having the Winchesters there was like painting a bulls-eye, and in an open area like this...

"Shit" Harry muttered, realizing that Sam may have been right, they shouldn't be here.

"We need Dean," Ron said. Harry stared at Ron. Had he really just said...?

"It's just Sam that has demon in him, right?" Ron asked casually. Harry felt his jaw drop, oh shit, if the Winchesters thought he told...

He risked a glance at Sam to see him looking a little like a deer caught in the headlights, then he turned to Dean who was staring at him with a distrusting angry look. Harry assumed that his own shock must have been evidence enough of his innocence though, because Dean lost the look of distrust pretty quick, and instead took a step forward - a protective step forward, Harry realized. He was trying to get closer to Sam.

"Relax," Ron said, "Harry didn't tell me...well, not really, it was sort of obvious once I thought about it. But it is just Sam, right?"

"Uh, yeah" Sam said.

"Good," Ron replied, "I'm going to apparate with Dean to the South-East, then we're going to run like hell back to the centre of town. It's the only way."

Harry's mind was still reeling from the fact that Ron had just asked Dean if he had demon blood in him like his brother as though it was the most casual question in the world, but it sounded to him like Ron wanted to...

"Wait, you're going to use me as bait?!" Dean said, just as Sam said,

"Hell no! Harry and I will go, Harry's apparated with me before, I'll be fine...I-"

"How many Dementors were chasing you and Harry when you ran out in front of the car?" Ron asked.

"ten, twenty, maybe" Harry replied.

"We had about fifty" Ron said, "apparently four months in hell trumps the combined total of yours and Harry's miserable lives."

"No," Sam said insisting.

"We don't have time to argue," Ron said, moving to Dean's side "we've got less than two minutes now. Dean?"

"Yeah, alright" Dean said, "let's do it."

Dean held out his arm for Ron to grab, and Harry watched as they both turned and disappeared. Ron's Patronus winked out of existence as a consequence, but Harry knew that Ron would recast it immediately upon arrival.

Harry glanced up at Sam to see him looking desperately at the empty space where his brother had just stood.

"Ron will look after him, he'll be fine" Harry offered. Sam pulled his right hand above his head, forcing Harry left hand up, and his body automatically swung towards Sam, who planted his other fist into Harry's shirt and glared at him.

"I thought you were supposed to be in charge," Sam said angrily, "why didn't you stop him?!"

"Sam..." Harry said, preparing to defend himself, but then he saw the tears in Sam's eyes and realized what was happening. "Expecto Patronum!"

His stag sprang to life and Sam seemed to come back to himself a little. He lowered his right arm and smoothed out Harry's shirt, and then turned to wipe at his eyes. Harry looked away, and then wished he hadn't.

Harry watched as the street-lamps all turned on. There, rushing towards them, was a cloud of Dementors so thick, that they actually blocked out the setting sun.

Harry heard the pops and cracks as the North and West teams apparated to Phil's position, and he also heard the curses as they saw what awaited them on arrival. Thinking of home, he focused on his Patronus, and then turned to address his men.

"We've got to corral them into the park and HOLD for the South-East group! You understand! HOLD! DELTA ALPHA PATTERN FOUR! DEACON ON POINT, PHIL ON REAR-LINE. GO!"

A series of pops and then a rush of silver and blue followed, and Harry squeezed Sam's wrist - feeling both Sam's bracelet and the chain that joined them beneath his hand.

"I've got you," Harry said.

*    *

"Expecto Patronum" Dean heard Ron say as soon as he came out the other end of the straw he had just been sucked through. Oddly, he wasn't that nauseated this time around, perhaps it was because he had other things on his mind - like the fact that he could see five Dementors at the end of the block, and he knew there were more waiting somewhere in the fog behind those ones.

"Hey!" Ron yelled down the street towards the floating black figures, "you ugly bastards hungry?! This bloke's been to Hell! He's bloody DELICIOUS!"

"And you think I'm insane?!" Dean said in utter disbelief.

"Whatever works," Ron shrugged, then Dean could have sworn the guy winked at him. Wizards, man...what would his Dad say...

"Come on, we better start running!" Ron said, slapping Dean in the arm to get him moving. Dean looked up to see that the Dementors had heard Ron loud and clear, because they were now heading straight towards them...fairly quickly.

"Not even I can run that fast," Dean said, "come on, I have a better idea."

Dean ran to the nearest parked car, ripped the aerial off, and then used it to jimmy the lock on the door. All under a minute, just the way Dad had taught him. He flicked the lock on the passenger side for Ron, and then reached under the steering wheel until he found the ignition wires.

"Come on, come on, come on..." Dean chanted as he crossed the wires. The engine roared to life, and Dean shot Ron a relieved look. Ron was smiling widely at him.

"You're brilliant!" Ron said, "You have to show me how to do that!"

"Yeah, sure," Dean said, as he threw the car into drive and pulled out onto the road, "but maybe later. I'm a little bit busy being delicious right now."

*    *

Harry and Sam took up position at the South-East corner, knowing that not only was it the furthest from the thick cloud of Dementors, but it was also the direction Dean would be returning from. Now Harry was grateful that they were tied at the wrist, because it meant he could feel every shiver from Sam, every sign that it was getting to be too much. He tried to keep his Patronus close, but he also had a duty to keep his men safe, and it was hard to juggle both protecting Sam and keeping tabs on team positioning and health.

The containment unit arrived in moments. They set up around the park quickly. Containing a single Dementor was complicated, containing a hundred or more was an intricate processes that had to be performed perfectly. Harry tried to explain it to Sam, in an effort to keep Sam's attention from the empty streets to the South-East.

"It's sort of like a devil's trap," Harry said, "except instead of lines of ink, it's lines of spells and wards. You have to preform them at the exact right time or it doesn't work. They've only got one shot at this, it's why we need to get all the Dementors with it, not just half."

"What if it doesn't work?" Sam asked.

Harry paused. What if it didn't? There'd been failed containment wards in Britain after the war. Harry still remembered the mad rush to set up again, the increased ferocity of the Dementors...

"It'll work" Harry said, it had to.

*    *

"If Harry didn't tell you, how'd you know?" Dean asked, as they sped along the streets, collecting more and more Dementors in their wake.

"You guys weren't exactly subtle," Ron said, "You and Harry both practically forbade apparating, but then Sam suggested that Harry apparate with you to the safe-house while he drove, and you were fine with that...and then you told Sam that he could see the Dementors, before you knew that the pendant meant that you could too...so, yeah, I just put it together. Harry didn't have to tell me."

"Fine," Dean said, "You figured out that Sam was a freak, but how do you make the jump to knowing that it's because he's got demon blood? Wizards don't know anything about demons, and most Hunters wouldn't even figure out the demon blood thing..."

"Well," Ron said slightly sheepishly, "Harry did kind of tell me that part."

"I'm going to kill that..." Dean muttered. He couldn't believe that the one thing he had forbade Harry from revealing...

"No! He didn't know he did!" Ron said quickly, "It was the way he...listen...when Harry told us about you and Sam, he started by saying that your mother was killed by a demon when Sam was a baby."

"Yeah? So?" Dean asked.

"Then he said that he and Sam had a lot in common," Ron said. Dean waited for Ron to get to the part where Harry spilled the beans.

"And then...?" Dean prompted.

"That's what he said," Ron replied, "that him and Sam had a lot in common."

"Wait," Dean said, trying to stay calm, "are you telling me that Harry has demon blood in him?"

"No," Ron said, "But Harry's mother was also killed when he was a baby - she died in his nursery."

"Like Sam..." Dean said, "but...I thought that was that evil wizard dude..."

"It was," Ron said, "but it made Harry..." Ron paused, as though he wasn't sure if he should continue, "you can't tell him I told you this...but Harry was a horcrux."

"What?" Dean said, "like that evil necklace? How is that even possible."

"We don't know, it just is" Ron replied, "but that's how I figured it out. I figured the demon must have done something similar to Sam and that's why Harry had said that. I didn't know it was demon-blood. I just figured, well, maybe Sam had a bit of the demon in him, you know? Like Harry did with Voldemort."

"So, Harry has the soul of an evil wizard inside of him?" Dean asked.

"No, not anymore." Ron answered, "it was destroyed during the war - nearly killed Harry. Actually, according to Harry, it did briefly."

Dean felt the pieces falling into place. Harry telling them that he had died once. The scar on his chest. The answer of 'he killed something other than me.'

"...and Merlin am I happy it was destroyed," Ron was saying, "it was a bit scary sometimes. I mean, we didn't know about the horcrux thing until after it was gone, and Harry was always a bit strange, but just when I thought we had things under control, he'd develop some strange ability...talking to snakes, having visions..."

"Dude!" Dean replied, "It's the same with Sam, only we know what it is, and I tell him to stop, but he won't listen..."

"Hermione tried to get Harry to stop walking around in Voldemort's head," Ron said, "but he insisted that it was better to know your enemy and all that. It wasn't good though, because it meant that the enemy could see us, and he'd get so pale and shakey..."

"Right!" Dean, "I know exactly what you mean."

"So..." Ron said, smiling at him, "are we ok then? You won't kill Harry."

"Nah," Dean replied looking over at Ron, "No one should die more than once."

"Brilliant," Ron said, and Dean turned his attention back to the road in front of him...a road blocked by Dementors.

"Son of a bitch!"

*    *

Sam felt the crushing cold before he heard the car, and he heard the car before he saw it. The screech of tires, the crunch of steal as it sideswiped a parked car as it rounded the corner. The headlights swung into the park and Sam watched as the streetlights all turned on behind the white hatchback.

There was a crunch as the car hit the fence, and Sam was already running over, dragging Harry by the wrist. The doors flung open and both Dean and Ron fell out of the car, then pulled themselves up to standing.

Ron had obviously hit his head at some point, maybe when they sideswiped that car. There was a line of blood dripping down from his forehead and as Sam got close he could see that the passenger side window was smashed, the side-mirror gone.

"Expecto Patronum" Ron said, just as Sam arrived. Ron's small dog reappeared and Ron directed it immediately to run around Dean's feet.

"Dean!" Sam said, concern growing like the cold in his bones...the ever present thought that Dean wasn't going to make it, that Sam couldn't save him, could never save him, no matter what he did...

"I'm ok, Sam" Dean said, and he was already reaching into the car and fumbling for the handmade flame-thrower.

"Ron?" Harry called, and Sam could hear the open concern in his voice. Ron was smiling though, but Sam could see the way the silver-blue dog was fading in and out. It never disappeared, but it was unstable at best.

"I'm alright," Ron said, "jus' hit m'head, dizzy."

Harry flipped open his mirror and Sam heard him order the South-East teams to the park immediately. There were popping noises, and Sam felt the cold lessen with each new silvery-blue animal that appeared along with the wizards.

"Holy shit, sir!" someone with a middle-eastern accent said to Sam and Harry's right.

"Understatement, Ahmed" Harry said, "holding pattern delta alpha four. We need to get them inside the designated containment zone. Order your team accordingly. Same goes for you Allison." Sam turned to see a petite blonde woman standing just behind them, and then jumped when he realized that her Patronus was a grizzly bear almost as tall as he was.

"Get these Patronuses on the other side of those Dementors," Harry continued, "circle and surround. We're still playing the sheep dogs. Phil called in a special unit to play the fence."

"Aye, sir" Allison and Ahmed both said, and then turned and flipped open their own communication mirrors and started issuing commands as they ran off.

The sky was black now, and Sam knew that if it wasn't for Harry's deer pressed against his side, and the dog currently making loops around Dean's ankles as he loaded his gun, they'd both have passed out by now. Their bracelet and ring Patronuses were fine for a few Dementors, but there were far too many here. No one person could survive this, Sam thought, not even if they had a fully corporeal Patronus...not even Allison with her grizzly bear could survive this...none of them were going to survive...

"Sam!" Harry said, and Sam shook his head to clear it. "Stay focused. I think your brother has run off with a flame thrower."

"What?!" Sam said, eyes madly searching for Dean through the darkness. Ron was still leaning against the car, but his wand and his eyes were focused towards their right, and Sam realized that Ron was still trying to keep the dog at Dean's feet...while his brother darted down the street he had just driven out of.

"Damn it! DEAN!" Sam yelled, and took off running after him, dragging Harry and Harry's Patronus behind him. He rounded the corner just in time to see a Dementor descend down and head straight for Dean, who stopped and braced himself, holding the home-made flame-thrower in front of him with a lighter poised to ignite it.

"Dean! I don't think..." Harry yelled, just as the Dementor got close enough for Dean to pull the trigger and light the fire. Sam held his breath as the flames shot towards the dark figure, illuminating it completely. Sam could see the tatters of it's robes, it's strange elongated bone arms and fingers, and under it's hood, it's mouth - open. The flames never seemed to reach it. They died out just before they touched the monster.

"Shit" Sam heard both Harry and Dean say at the same time, and Harry's Patronus darted forward, as Dean dropped the flame-thrower and pulled out his gun, firing five rounds into the figure as it recoiled from the Stag. The bullets hit it, but the thing didn't stop, didn't even seem to acknowledge that it had been shot.

"Goddamn it!" Dean yelled, and Sam watched as a small throwing knife appeared in his hand, and then just as fast was launched towards the retreating figure. It had the same effect as the bullets...nothing but wasted ammunition.

Dean turned back to them, and Sam could see the tear-tracks on his cheeks. He was surprised Dean was still standing, really.

"Why the hell didn't you shoot!?" Dean yelled at Sam, jogging away from the oncoming storm of Dementors. "We know that fire, silver bullets, and bronze knives have no effect - but we still haven't ruled out iron or salt."

"Dean, " Sam said, "I don't think-"

"Maybe that's the problem!" Dean yelled, and then picked up speed, running past Sam - most likely towards the Impala to get more weapons. Ron's dog followed him.

Sam turned and ran after Dean, cursing his brother's stubbornness. As soon as the park was back in sight though, Sam realized they had a major problem. The Impala was parked on the North-West side, surrounded in Dementors...Dementors who were coming right towards them. Sam turned to look back towards the South-East and realized what was happening...

"Tol' you, mate" Ron slurred slightly from where he leaned heavily against the stolen car. "Delicious."

Chapter 30

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  • Favourite Entrances: Castiel - Lazarus Rising 4.01

    I figured I might as well get the obvious one out of the way, rather than going in any particular seasonal order (there IS an entrance I love in S3,…

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