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Quick Reaction: 5x03 Free To Be You And Me


Again, feels like I watched a whole movie and it's hard to remember the beginning, now.

GREAT episode. Hilarious and terrifying.

I like how one of the weirdest things in the episode was seeing Sam with a regular job. Seriously, it kind of creeped me out. It just felt all wrong.

I don't even know where to start, let's see...

I'm impressed with the fact that they were able to have dual storylines going for the whole episode. I think that's really the first time they've ever done that on the show.

Ok, I'm not even a Dean/Cas shipper, but I LOVE the little moments between them. I love how Dean's default is to take care of people. How he straightens Cas's tie for him - takes him to a brothel. I love the "Cas, we talked about this...personal space." Haha, so good.

I like Cas asking for help, the fact that he didn't pull the "you owe me" line again, the fact that he just told Dean that Dean was the ONLY one he could come to for help.

It was the first time we saw Castiel interact with humans that didn't know he was an angel...and Misha did a phenominal job at acting it out. I like how terrified he looked at the brothel. I like how awkward he was while pretending to be the FBI.

Serious moment: My heart broke when I heard Dean laughing so hard...even before he said the line, I realized that I hadn't heard Dean laugh since Hell House back in S1...not full out laugh anyway. And then it broke Dean's heart too, and that was great.

I like how Castiel doesn't get Dean's pop-culture references.

I'm glad for Dean's character development. I'm happy that he is able to function away from his family now....but I think we can all see that he was lying to himself and Cas at the end there. He's not happy alone...not really. I think him and Sam NEED the breather from each other, so that they can come back together by choice, but I hope it happens soon.

Ok, Sammy Sammy Sammy....

Dear Sammy,

Seeing you get a job was creepy man...it just felt wrong. It must feel wrong to you somehow too?

I'm sorry that Jess came back and then was mean to you...I'm sorry that she was actually Lucifer and you totally kissed him and then let him rub your neck.

I'm glad you didn't kill those hunters, even if they are about to run around and spread the word that you started the apocalypse.

I still love you.

Ok...what else...I love the fact that we saw some of the old Sam in this episode. I love the fact that he's still in love with Jess, that he got all misty eyed. I love the fact that we got to see Jared chest again and that make-up remembered the tattoo.


1. Archangels/Powerful Angels COMPLETELY DESTROY THEIR VESSELS. Man, Dean didn't even know that when he said no, but now he is definitely not going to say yes.

2. Sam is Lucifer's vessel - ok, not THAT shocking, considering that it was a frequent topic of speculation over the summer - many people called the whole Dean=Michael Sam=Lucifer thing. But man, it's still crazy. Poor poor Sam...I LOVE YOU SAM (I of course love Dean too, that goes without saying.)

3. GOD IS DEAD - ok not really. He's just John Winchester.

Man, theme for the night! I love the fact that they are mirroring the absent-father storyline that they had with Sam and Dean with the angels...I love the fact that they even brought it up at the brothel. "These places run on absent fathers." - Haha, this SHOW runs on absent fathers.

I like that Raphael was totally echoing Sam from the first season - hell, even Dean from the second - that the angels are tired, that they just want it to be over...they just want it to stop...and their father isn't even around to guide them.

I like that Dean told Castiel that it all came down to how he felt deep down...that if he thought God was out there, than he was, and he should keep looking. I like how Dean has become the cheering section for everyone's faith in this show, when he was the biggest non-believer back when the show started (except for his belief in his father.) Heck, even last episode Dean was reciting Sam's lines from the pilot about God being on a Miller shift (or equivalent), but he still gives Cas a pep talk like he believes him now.

At this point, I'm begining to think that finding God might be their only hope.

Alright, I'm sure I'll think of stuff later. Sorry this one is a bit disjointed, but I'm having trouble remembering the beginning.

Until next time...

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