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Rewatch S4: Special Features

Ah, I have no folded up the DVD set and placed it on my shelf with it's brethren. (Oddly, it is an eighth of an inch taller than it's brethren, and has slightly glossier writing - I am trying not to let it bug me.)

Special Features

Gag Reel

There's really not a lot to say about the gag reel. It's classic as always...I personally prefer longer outtakes than the short ones that they mostly use in this real...though, they make up for it with the elevator sequence! Haha. Jared is amusingly awkward trying to hide how creeped out he is in the snake scene by giggling nervously the whole time.

I like the fact that they mixed in pictures of the crew too. It's nice to see some of the faces of the people behind the cameras.

I also like when Jim Beaver tells Jared that Jared has huge breasts.

The Mythologies of Supernatural

This is cool, it's like a little section onto itself. It has lots of different people talking about world religions. What I really like about it is that they don't just talk about Judeo-Christian beliefs, but also Islam and Hinduism...and of course various other mythologies - like Greek and Zoroastrian.

You get to choose if you want to hear about Paradise, Purgatory, or Inferno.

In Paradise:

Angels and Archangels
- this is pretty self-explanatory. You get people talking about the order of Heaven and then some specifics of why they chose to use Uriel.

Angels and Miracles
- In here Kripke tells us that nothing comes without a price - such an optimist! Haha.

The Ageless Unseen War
- this section is about the war between Heaven and Hell. They touch on the dualism of Zoroastrian beliefs (I was always of the particular opinion that Dean's amulet should be Zoroastrian in origin, and that was before we knew more about it). Kripke tells us that God needs the devil, because there's no value in choosing good if you don't actually have a choice. Jeremy Carver reiterates that Supernatural is about free will or lack thereof. And then they tell us that it's about humanity trying to figure out where they fit in this battle - and that the Winchesters are the most informed humans on the planet about the way the world is ordered. We end on the creepy note of being told that "They know too much."

In Purgatory:
Lands of Limbo
-We of course learn that Purgatory was invented by the Catholics in the middle ages and has no bases in the Bible. Old news.
-In the Supernatural universe, ghosts are in Purgatory...that is, Purgatory is what happens to you if you die and don't move on.
-They launch into a brief overview of Reapers, and the writers tell us that Reapers are a force of nature. Kripke says that they aren't unfeeling, it's just that you are an ant on an anthill and the Reaper is a mountain. It's about the bigger picture for the Reaper.
-Kripke tells us that the law in Supernatural is that when it's your time to die, you die - and you may miss your brother or your father or your husband, but you let them go.

In Inferno:

The Price of Free-Will
-This is an overview of the origin of demons, both in religion/mythology and in Supernatural. We learn here that Supernatural considers Azazel (YED) to be one of the first demons. And we learn that in mythology, Azazel was a half-goat demon that created chaos and spread mischief....and also taught people how to use bronze and silver (how nice!)

The Sweet Song of Death
-This section is all about Sirens. Fun times...lots of paintings of beautiful ladies and shots of strippers.

The Destroyer of Children
-This section is all about Lilith...seducer of man, defiler of children. She likes to pry on little boys in Jewish tradition. Well, her death may have brought on the apocalypse, but at least little Jewish boys are safe now! (Of course, Lilith as used in SPN is slightly different.)

Easter Eggs
-Interspersed between all the Mythology stuff is little things you can click on that will get you Ghostfacer videos. They are the same videos that you can see online (or in It's a Terrible Life), so nothing new. Still, those guys are amusing.

Things I sort of missed in these DVDs:
-Having Jared and Jensen comment on an episode. I mean, I know they are crazy busy, but their commentary on Phantom Traveler and In My Time of Dying was really amusing. Of course, there wasn't ANY episodic commentary in S3, I don't think, so maybe I should just count my blessings and stop complaining.

So concludes Rewatch S4! It's been fun! I hope you've enjoyed my thoughts on it all.

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