Hell's Half Acre (hells_half_acre) wrote,
Hell's Half Acre

Rewatches - So, guess whose DVD player broke...

Mine did.

It did this to me once before and then worked fine the next day, so I cancelled my order for a new one... but it's frustrating, because maybe it'll work fine tomorrow again, but tomorrow might not have time to do a rewatch. I should just order a new one regardless, I guess.

Anyway, sorry that it's now going to be over two weeks since my last rewatches. At this point, I guess I'll be closing out the series before I even make it to Game Night in S14. 

Yarr... I feel bad about the amount I've slacked off when it comes to rewatches this year... and now this.

Anyway, I'll go see what external DVD player I can get shipped to my house during a pandemic, and hopefully I'll be back next weekend. This entry was originally posted at https://hells-half-acre.dreamwidth.org/591962.html.

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