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Quick Reaction: 15x18 Despair

Yikes... how am I supposed to sum up this one based after taking bad notes and drinking multiple glasses of wine?!?11

I guess I'll just get into it...

We begin where we left off. Jack doesn't want to hurt anyone by exploding and begs Cas to get him to the middle of nowhere or something. Before anyone can act though, Billie shoes up and they ask her to fix it. She does, by sending him to the Empty.

Once in the empty, Jack explodiert - which is the German way of saying explodes, and I like it better. 

In the Bunker, they question Billie about where the hell Jack just went and whether he's dead now. Billie doesn't know - the Empty isn't as strong as God, but it's vast. It's possible that the Empty will survive and if it does, it'll be pissed. (I'll probably switch to using she, since the show did, I think?... even though much like angels and death, I doubt that the Empty actually has gender.)

Billie wants God's book back. Sam is all like "no! I'm mad at you" and quite frankly, I'm distracted by the continuity error of Death not being able to just take the book back - remember when the old Death just took his ring back, because he was WAY too powerful for Dean to try to bargain with? Yeah, that was cool. I guess times have changed and Billie isn't as powerful as the old Death - we'll see this later as well, when Billie chooses to stalk Dean and Cas through the Bunker rather than just killing them outright then and there, which I'm sure the old Death could have done as easily as Chuck does.

Good news! (This will be our last good news of the episode, please enjoy it) Jack is alive!

The Empty is alive too, and pissed!

In the Bunker, Sam returns the book and Billie discovers that God has a new ending, which she finds "interesting"

In the Empty, the Empty yells at Jack that he "made it loud" - and goes to squish his head or something, but Death summons him back immediately. Apparently she needs him for something - but before she can do anything, Dean goes on the attack and manages to nick her shoulder. she leaves and her scythe gets left behind.

Sam and Dean have late night drinks later and discuss how they literally are back to zero on plans and now have even more enemies. They've even been praying to Michael, but he's not answering. They're not overly optimistic, but they vow to figure it out.

Billie goes back to her library and there's a fellow reaper in there who just strengthened the warding against the Empty. Billie says there's a new plan.

Meanwhile, in an unknown town, Charlie is having breakfast with her girlfriend, who is a fellow hunter - suddenly, her girlfriend just completely disappears.

She calls Sam and Dean - she's upset that she finally started loving again, and then suddenly her love dies again. 

Cas and Jack are waiting outside. It's their turn to have a hood-of-the-impala chat. Jack feels strange. He had a very clear purpose before and was ready to sacrifice himself to save everyone - now that he can't do that, he doesn't know what to do. Cas assures him that he doesn't need absolution from anyone, that he doesn't need a purpose, that they all love him just because he's him. Jack is like "that's great, Dad, but I'm actually just f*ckin' scared in general because Death and God are both mad at me and I have no powers?" Cas is like "welcome to life, son."

Sam and Dean break the news to Charlie that they think it's Death "cleaning up" and that they recently pissed her off. This pisses Charlie off, and she asks them if all her girlfriend and her are going to become is just collateral damage. 

Sam then realizes that if Death is working her way down a list of people who should be dead, then Eileen will also be on it. Charlie is like "oh shit, you got a girlfriend too? Go save her then!" 

And they try to... but Eileen dies while in the middle of texting Sam. And we are all very very sad. Sam immediately represses that grief though and tries to survive by focusing on what needs to be done.

He decides that she should corral all the ApacaWorld people somewhere and ward the place up. Meanwhile, Dean decides that he should try to kill Death. Cas decides to go with Dean. Sam and Dean hug and part ways, with Dean taking the Impala, and leaving Sam to drive his dead girlfriend's car, because that's not going to be exacerbate the grieving process at all.

Sam calls Donna from a gas station. Then he sees Jack looking glum in the passenger seat, and decides to distract the kid by making him drive instead. 

Dean and Cas get to the bunker and prepare to go into Death's library

Sam meets up with Donna at a silo that's totally bigger on the inside, though good try on finding/building a weird silo in the middle of the woods, Supernatural. Donna informs Sam that all the hunters they know are also on standby. I think this is just to remind us how big the network of people that Sam and Dean know is, to make the end of this show even more gut-punchy. Not that it needs to be.

There's no toilet in the silo, but Sam hopes they won't be there long enough for that to matter, because he's counting on Dean.

Meanwhile, while warding, Jack sees a plant growing inside. He bends down to touch it and it DIES IMMEDIATELY.... which, you know, isn't concerning at all.

Dean and Cas enter Death's library - the door consistently opens in the W section. It immediately doesn't go well, but after a tussle, Dean manages to get the scythe at Billie's neck. This is when she tells him that it's not her killing everyone, it's Chuck.

Back at the Silo, everyone dies, Infinity War style - INCLUDING DONNA! Which I think is Sam's clue that this isn't just Death putting things into order, because Donna has never died before as far as I can remember.

Billie also informs Dean that when he nicked her earlier, the wound was fatal, and she's going to die. So, before she does, she'd very much like to kill him. 

Dean and Cas start running away, while Billie stalks them down... she calls Dean "human disorder incarnate" which is a pretty cool thing to be.

She's slowly killing Dean with a heart attack, until Castiel gets him into the dungeon and manages to put up a ward on the door that temporarily keeps Billie out. Dean wonders if they can wait her out, since she's dying, but that's unlikely.

Dean is frustrated, because he's lead them into yet another trap because he needed something to kill, because that's all he knows how to do - and he doesn't know how to stop what is happening.

Cas then has an epiphany about what needs to happen. He immediately comes clean about his deal with the Empty, and then solves the problem of happiness... he had thought it was impossible, because the one thing he wanted, he couldn't have - but he's realized that happiness isn't about having, it's about being and saying it.

Cas then gives Dean a really lovely speech about how Dean isn't what everyone (including Dean himself) tells him he is - hate and anger and a blunt instrument - he is actually an extremely loving human being. It was through seeing Dean's love for everything, that Cas came to care about the whole world... and Cas tells Dean that he loves him. 

Thus, the Empty is summoned, and both Cas and Death are taken. Because the happiness was actually in the love itself, not the "happily ever after"... and meanwhile, I'm amazed that after 15 years and my lessening passion for the show, Supernatural can still have these extremely well-acted and well-written moments. Good job Bobo Berens. If my heart was something other than an engine built from the remnants of a dead star, I may have actually shown emotion.

Meanwhile, Sam and Jack are left alone at the silo. Jack asks Sam if it was just everyone there, or if it was everyone? And we see in just a few quick shots of other places, that it was in fact EVERYONE. That actually makes it less of a gut-punch for me. I always feel worse when just a few people die, but if everyone on the planet is dead, that's okay. The worst is when something happens and just one person dies and everyone else survives, because I sort of feel like that one person is like the one person who shows up at a non-costume party in costume because they misread the invite. Like, no one else died except you, how embarrassing! I really hope if I'm ever killed in a tragic accident, there's a few other people who die too, so that it's not just me.

Anyway... Dean is crying in the dungeon and not answering Sam's calls... even though he REALLY SHOULD, because he doesn't even know right now that he's one of the last three people alive on the planet.

So, the moral of this episode is that both Sam and Dean lose their partners (however you want to read Cas and Dean's relationship) and also, I'm left to wonder if it still counts as "kill your gays" if the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE DIES. Like... kind of unavoidable at that point, and maybe I'm actually happy that the 2 out of the 3 relationships they showed being ripped apart where queer in some fashion.

It's sad, because I'm pretty sure we're not getting the ending that I wanted now...  but I'm still really interested in how the show is going to finish this off.

I also really have to hand it to Misha, because he killed it in his last scene. He acted Cas beautifully... and also Berens gave him some great words, because it is true that happiness isn't something you can obtain and retain, it's something you either feel or you don't in a single moment.

Very emotional episode. Let me know your thoughts!

Please remember that I like to keep this journal positive! So if you are furious and want to rant - please go elsewhere. Thanks!
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