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Rewatch S14: Don't Go Into The Woods (14x16)

Back to rewatches!

I might try to do two today (ETA; Just realized that the next one has commentary and is quite heavy... so, not going to do two today). Welcome to November, btw! I'm so totally not going to be able to finish S14 rewatches before S15 ends - they even gave me an extra 7 months and I still failed!

Also, I just figured out why I have Teddy Bear's Picnic stuck in my head...

Don't Go Into The Woods

Oh!! ADAM BEACH! I totally forgot this was the episode with Adam Beach! He lives (or used to, anyway) in my hometown, because he married someone who worked there. I met him at the movie premiere for Smoke Signals - which is a good movie, btw. I'm sure I said all this in my quick reaciton, but it's just the teaser death playing now.

How long does it take this girl to pee? Too long, that's the answer.

It's 10 after 10 when Dean wakes up. I also just remembered that I'm supposed to be tracking clothes.

Dean still doesn't trust Jack, even though Donatello thinks he's okay soul-wise, Dean is still skeptical that Jack can be reliable with his newly acquired powers. The thing is, Dean isn't really wrong. I think I always give Dean a hard time about his trust issues - because it'd be way better if he trusted his family members and didn't get overly controlling and make decisions on their behalf - but it's also true that Jack can't be super trusted right now, and taking the time to hold his hand and supervise him during a hunt would make their hunting less efficient.

Jack meeting kids "his age" is also super cute. I just watched that scene and didn't talk about it at all. But I love the sort of storyline where a friend group meets someone knew and he's super weird (but not in a creepy way) and they have no idea why. Anyway... I didn't explain that well.

Jack: "Well, we have movie nights on Tuesdays. Dean usually picks. I've seen Lost Boys like 36 times."
- I have never seen lost boys, because I hate vampires - but please tell me it is homoerotic.

"I mean with kids your own age?"
Jack: "Well I'm two...enty. I'm twenty. I'm twenty-two."

- Smooth Jack. Also, exactly my type of humour. You know, my favourite thing about the way Alex plays Jack is that Alex ALWAYS REMEMBERS that Jack is only two or three years old. I think that's what makes him so good at his job.

Their in suits for most of this episode, which makes my job SO MUCH EASIER.

I'm so glad I didn't grow up in a country that required SATs. I mean, I probably would have been fine at them, but one less thing to worry about.

That's way too nice fo a place for being abandoned.

Ah, Jack, making logical but poor decisions while trying to make friends.

Sam and Dean call out the sheriff on his lies.

Meanwhile, Jack is accidentally freaking out his new friends... and accidentally stabbing them too. At least he fixes her afterwards.

But yeah, accidentally stabbing someone is hard to recover from... especially since you revealed yourself to be something other than a normal human.

I'm not sure a native-curse is a great storyline in terms of furthering societal relations and undoing harmful stereotypes, but I'm not indigenous, so who knows, maybe it's fine. 

I do like how they've clearly set Sheriff in the modern era, rather than making him a relic of the culture that's been stripped from him.

They also tie Sam's issues nicely - that Sam doesn't believe that even if they told people and armed them that it would be safe - he believes that they'd still die. That it's best if Sam and Dean just kill everything while everyone stays blissfully unaware and safe.

It's also not lost on me that they're helping the Sheriff protect his SON. Since the introduction of Jack, the show has firmly acknowledged that Sam and Dean are now in the age-bracket of parents. Before, kids used to be an allegory or parallel to Sam and Dean themselves, but now Sam and Dean are aligned with the parents.

I love Adam Beach, I do... but his acting is a little stiff in this.

Sam does point out the problem with Dean. Even though Dean might be correct in his suspicions that Jack cannot be relied upon - he should be honest with Jack about why he's being left behind.

And honesty WOULD have been good, because maybe Jack wouldn't have been so quick to use his powers in front of the teens...or maybe he still would have.

If there's anything specific about this episode you would like to discuss in more detail, please feel free to leave a comment. I'm often much better at analyzing if I'm given direction and something to respond to.

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