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Quick Reaction: 15x17 Unity


Jumping right in, because it's once again already 11pm, and I'm already tired.. this working until 7pm, having dinner, watching the show, and then writing it up, isn't easy to pull off every week - but I have a TRADITION DAMN IT.


We start with Amara in Iceland, and I'm like "aww, man, I want to go to Iceland!" and then I realize she's reading a book that a friend recommended that I should read, and I'm like "damn it! I want to read that book!" and then a hot Icelandic dude waits on her and we discover that she's wearing an asymmetrical swimsuit, and I'm like "WAIT! IS AMARA LIVING MY DREAM LIFE?!" and the answer is yes.

But luckily for me, I don't have a brother which a god complex who just returned to earth, so that's one benefit of me being me and not her.

Back at the Bunker, Sam and Cas are on the phone. They're conspiring, because they're on the same team now - team "let's try to save our son from sacrificing himself to kill God" or LTTSOSFSHTKG for short. It needs work. Maybe SOSfromSH* because that sounds like "save our son from shit"

So far, they're sol though. Meanwhile Dean walks in and Sam gives him the silent treatment. They're about to get into it, when Amara shows up and is like "it's go time!" Jack walks into the room and Amara is all like "maybe we can get to know each other after this is over" and it's all very accidentally guilt inducing because she is going to be killed too if things go according to Billie's plan. The accidental passive-aggressive guilt continues as Amara shares parting words with Dean about how she knows he would never harm her, or whatever.

Sam and Jack talk in the meantime, and Sam is all like "it takes courage to sacrifice yourself, but I disagree with it" and I'm like "my how the tables have turned now that it's YOUR kid jumping into a pit, and not Dean's kid (brother)!" 

Jack has to go complete one final ritual, but Sam decides to stay behind in an effort to find some other way to fight God. Whatever the ritual is, Dean has to take Jack to Santa Fe to do it. (which, btw, is in New Mexico, which is a state that I always forget exists - sorry New Mexicans... I even just had to look that up, because I was like "Uh, Arizona?" which is probably all sorts of offensive to the good people of NM.

Before Dean leaves though, he and Sam get in a fight, because to Sam, this doesn't feel right - meanwhile, Dean doesn't think it matters if it feels right or not, all that matters is that Chuck dies in the end. Sam argues that this is out of character for them, that they don't do this to family - and Dean is all like "Jack's not family!" and Sam is DEVASTATED (in his eyes) and Dean continues with the fact that Jack is "not like Cas".. that's when Jack announces from the doorway that he's ready to go... and AWKWARD.

My friend and I launch into jokes. "He's not like Cas! He's my son, not my boyfriend!" "He's my boyfriend's son, not mine!" "And he killed our mom! It's complicated!"

Sam and Cas stay home and resolve to find another way... SASSY BONDING TIME!

Elsewhere, Amara meets Chuck in a park. And then we get an AMARA title card. I think it's because things happen  out of chronological order in this episode - we see Amara bring Chuck to the bunker long before Cas announces that they're there. So, it's sort of like "these things all happen in the middle, and it's just the beginning and the end where they're all synced up."

Amara asks Chuck what the plan is for after he destroys the world? Chuck wants to start anew. Amara wants to save this world though - she's grown to care about it. Also, we learn that Chuck apparently didn't write the gross bond between Amara and Chuck - so, that's fun when writers shade former writers :P - anyway, Amara suggests that Chuck revel in this world rather than starting anew... reminding him of the good times he had with it and his pride in it at the beginning. I loved the line about the first tree he created - "It was a fern - I was obsessed with fractals" - that's a great line for someone with my sense of humour.

We also find out that Chuck destroying the world isn't about the Winchesters (or so he claims) but rather all his failures. He thinks humans ruin everything they touch. Amara asks him how he feels about angels and brings him to Heaven where a small group of angels swam him to ask for an autograph? I'm wondering if those are actually really angels, because aren't there only like 8 left and aren't they horribly jaded by all the DEATH and the crumbling nature of heaven? I highly doubt they'd be neutral-coloured-cardigan-wearing god-groupies at this point. Cas was like "why has God forsaken me?" all the way back in S5? The current angels should be getting high in a van down by the river and setting fire to cop cars on the weekends.

Amara proposes that they join forces and bring balance back to the universe - true balance on one world. But then she realizes that Chuck really only cares about his own pleasure and his own story. (He's like, the worst of the patriarchy.)

So, she brings him to a bunker, where she's managed to build a trap for him in one of the many odd rooms they have there. 

Then we go to Dean's title card. Dean tries to talk to Jack in the car, but Jack says he understands and shuts down the conversation. They arrive at Jim's Gems. There, they meet Adam - as in actual Adam - who tells them that he's the first dude, and the apple was actually a quince (which is another great line, because 'apple' is a mistranslation of 'fruit' and the KIND of fruit was never specified.)

He's not hanging out with Eve though, but an angel named Seraphina. Adam explains that he was God's first story, and when he didn't satisfy, God moved on to his sons. He takes Jack in the back to undergo a test.

Dean and Seraphina talk - Seraphina is optimistic that things will all work out, because she's seen it in her dreams.

In the back of the shop, Adam explains to Jack that he's been wanting to kill God for his whole life (3000 years) - Billie has been helping him. She's kept him alive while he plans, but they needed an arch-angel nephilim for the plan to work, which is where Jack comes in. As a test, Jack has to pick out the gem stone that has been touched by God and holds a spark of the divine.

My friend, at this point, says "All of them do, God is in all things" and it turns out she's right, because Jack repeats her and passes the test.

But first, in the front of the shop, Seraphina tells Dean that this was all "meant to be" and if that isn't a GIANT RED FLAG that Dean is ignoring, I don't know what is.

Once Jack passes the test, Seraphina stabs Adam, but he's cool with it. She's just removing one of his ribs. It holds the power of creation and will turn Jack into a metaphysical supernova - a blackhole of divine energy that will absorb/kill both Chuck and Amara. He tells him not to use the rib until it's time.

Dean pulls over on their way back home and tries to explain why he's driving Jack to his death again - it's because Dean feels like he's never been free, but Jack is able to give him and Sam a shot at actual freedom. He's really grateful. Jack says "you're welcome" but meanwhile, I'm resentful, because like "great, you're grateful, but you don't love him."

Dean then gets a text that says it's time, so Jack takes out the rib, and I'm like "DON'T DO IT IN THE CAR!" but he does, luckily it seems to be a timed release type of thing, so they have enough time to drive home.

We then get the Sam title card. He's frustrated. This all feels wrong. He wishes he could talk to death, and Cas is all like "I CAN'T LET YOU JUST TO TALK TO DEATH IT IS TOO DANGEROUS" and Sam is like "whoa, I never said anything about that..." then he remembers that Sergei had been looking for the key to Death's library, because when Jack was dying last year (or whenever) and that it was supposedly in the bunker...

They go on a search... while they search, I narrate the montage, and it's all in good "you had to be there fun", but I do love the bit where it looks like Sam accidentally finds the holy grail while they're looking. 

They find the key and Sam reads the Latin aloud - "Don't read  Latin aloud!" me and my friend both say, having seen Hell Hazers II: The Reckoning.  A door opens in the brick wall next to them, and Sam goes through.

He enters right into the W section, how handy! And while he steps over suspicious deadbodies, I critique the library, because if you have THAT many Ws, those aisles really should be labeled "Waa, Wab, Wac, etc"

It turns out Meg is killing people - only, it's not Meg, it's the Empty, because I had actually forgotten that the Empty took over Meg's body (which isn't even Meg's body, because Meg was a demon). The Empty tells Sam that she's trying to summon death to have a conversation too, because she's distrustful that the plan is actually the plan... she tells Sam that the plan is for Death to become the new God, and everything to go back to how it should be - everyone in their right place, and the Empty can go back to sleep. She decides to hurt Sam in order to get Death's attention, but Sam quickly bluffs his way out of the situation - and more importantly, he cons God's death book out of the Empty's hands. Only Death can read it, but Sam takes it anyway.

When he gets back to the Bunker, Chuck and Amara have already arrived and Dean's on his way in with Jack. He runs to stop it. And it's a reply of previous times they've been manipulated. Dean is singularly focused on his goal of killing Chuck, and Sam stands in his way because there's something really off about it all and he knows it... Dean is so focused, that he pulls a gun on Sam to try to get him to move. Chuck explains to Amara that this is his REAL ending. (He DOES have a thing for one brother killing the other.). Chuck then reveals Dean's plan of betraying Amara to Amara, and Amara is upset (understandably).

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Sam and Dean fight. Sam tries to explain that Billie's plan will mean that everyone goes back - meaning that the people they saved from the apocalypse world will go "back" to a world that no longer exists. That Eileen will die. (NOOOO) and that a lot of the people they saved will die.

Back in the trap, Chuck is getting Amara on his side.

In the hallway, Dean argues that he would trade them ALL to kill Chuck, and Sam questions whether he'd trade Sam too.

In the trap, Chuck gives Amara her own plan back to her, only on his terms.. balance, but a new creation. Amara agrees, and Chuck ABORBS HER.

Sam gives a speech in the hall, explaining that Dean has always tried to protect him, from dad, from Lucifer... and it's the one thing that he could always count on... and he asks Dean to put the gun away. Dean does.

Chuck breaks out of the trap and is MAD, because once again the power of love thwarted his plan. He complains that all their other versions did as they were told, but for some reason these versions are too stupid, too stubborn, and too broken. He tells them to have fun watching Jack die, and he leaves.

So, we end the 4th to final episode with their plan thwarted and their quasi-son turning into a supermassive divine blackhole for possibly no reason and with no known way of diffusing him! It'll be interesting to see the final three episodes!!!

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments!

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