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Rewatch S14: Peace of Mind (14x15)

And we're back...

Sorry for my absence last week. I'd promise to be better, but we all know that I'm not a person of my word now :P

Once again, I'm mostly doing these rewatches to catalogue the clothes, so this rewatch analysis will be a little bit thin - I do apologize for that, and if there's anything you want to discuss in more depth, feel free to leave a comment to prompt me about it.
We start this episode with 50s nostalgia - Charming Acres "Where everyone is happy" - it's all very Stepford Wives.

And then the guy's head explodes... ah, poor Griffen... poor poor traumatized Griffen.

Castiel checking in on Jack... Jack has his powers back, but he feels different now. Castiel wants to know about his soul - and Jack either actually doesn't know how much of his soul he has left, or he knows perfectly well and doesn't want to say.

Cas and Dean confer about their relative charges - both Jack and Sam are saying that they're good, but Cas and Dean both doubt it.

Meanwhile, Sam is having flashbacks to dead bodies in the war room... I do wonder if he cleaned them up himself. It's gotta be weird to live in a place where you KNOW people you knew have died/been murdered. I was once cornered by a creep and could never wear that shirt again, even though nothing happened, just because every time I looked at it I thought of that creepy guy.

Sam is coping by doing back to back hunts. Dean has had enough, so Cas is going to work the case with Sam, while Dean deals with Jack... it's the classic "why don't you look after my kid, while I look after yours, and at least that way we each deal with a different problem for a bit and get a break that way!"

I like Cas getting references now when it's used like this - "Was it more scanners 1, 2, or 3?"

I like how Griffen knows how absolutely weird Charming Acres is... I kinda feel like that's also a comment on race, but that's probably reading too much into it.

Also, Cas: "I look at [Saturday Evening Post] after you fall asleep at night, they're very soothing" - I don't even ship them romantically, but you could get a lot of mileage out of that line.

Sam can't call Dean because "no bars - I guess this place really is in the middle of nowhere" - so like, I know there are huge swatches of Canada that have no cell service - but those huge swatches are usually LEGIT WILDERNESS. The US, especially anywhere with a town of this size, I always picture as having coverage. Like, I could understand maybe being in the middle of the desert in Nevada, or somewhere in the mountains of Colorado, or Utah or wherever, but... where is Sam? Oregon? Oregon farm land with town that has at least 150 people? That's gotta have a cell tower.

Great, now I want a milkshake.

Don't drink milkshakes in suspicious towns! It could be a pomegranate situation, but not even with the stellar doting husband attached!

"Like a ripe melon on the sun" is a great metaphor, and Sam shouldn't criticize.

Seriously, with houses that size, that town is at least 150 people.

Sam holding tiny cups is always hilarious.

I also like how you slowly see Sam fall under the spell of whatever is happening here.

Poor dude who suddenly remembered the existence of cell phones and his daughter... I feel bad that he's dead now.

Dean giving Jack either angel or devil's food cake as a test is ridiculous.

Johnny cakes! The restaurant in town that made those closed down, so now I can't get them :(

Sorry, for those of you who haven't watched the episode lately, me not putting in the quotes or plot synopsis is probably very confusing.

Cas: "I'm looking for my partner - the tall man... hair? He has beautiful hair?"

And then Cas sees the new "Justin"

This scene is very well acted by both of them. I really don't have anything to say, because I'm just enjoying it. Jared really excells at playing this kind of comedic character.

Donatello describing soullessness as a "black hole" of emptiness inside is pretty heartbreaking. The absence of all feeling, rather than the presence of sadness or anger or anything.

Jack IS different though, because he never had a completely human soul to begin with. So, I can understand why he wouldn't actually know for sure.

"What would the Winchester's do?" is perhaps not the BEST rule to live your life by... but I guess it's not the worst either.

I also love how the Winchesters ended up with "the most powerful being in the universe" as their kid.

I'm not counting Sam's "Justin" clothes as Sam's clothes, btw.

Conrad, or whatever his name is, is kind of a MAGA guy... nostalgia for a past that never existed in the face of a present that he doesn't understand, and so he destroys people's lives in order to "restore" the present to his vision of the past.

Cas: "I know what it's like to lose your army. I know what it's like to fail as a leader, Sam."
- I do love how Sam and Cas have a ridiculous amount in common.

And he ends up destroyed by his daughter - NICE. I do like that ending, but also like, who the hell were those people?! Do they explain?!? No, the answer is that they don't. What the heck?! Like.. you just stumble upon human-like beings with crazy superpowers and you don't even ask questions?

Oh, Arkansas not Oregon... same difference. It's flat there, cell towers would work really well. Anyway, that should have been the first tip-off that the entire town was funky and they needed to get the hell out and/or not trust that they'd be safe there.

Sam: "I hate this place right now. I hate it."
- Yay, truth! Sam trying to stay outside of the house. It IS kinda hard to find another secret underground bunker that has a whole bunch of cool stuff in it... so they can't just move.

Jack kills the snake so that he can be reunited with his friend and be happy... "in heaven" - but like, Jack... Gorgons most likely go to purgatory when they die, and I'm not sure what theology of animal souls Supernatural subscribes to, but I believe in most Abrahamic religions only humans can go to heaven... though perhaps that's just the traditional view, and the newer sects believe otherwise.

Anyway, Cas sees, and this is CONCERNING.

That was ridiculously short for something that I put off for two weeks. I'm sorry! I'll try to at least do them more often.

If there's aspects you have thoughts on that you'd like to discuss, please leave a comment.

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