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Rewatch S14: Ouroboros (14x14)

Alright! I am a dependable and productive person - here I am a week later, just like I said! Go me!

I mean, at this rate, I won't be done until November, but at least I'm diligently working on it.


(Otherwise known as the Neverending Story snake - ie: Snake eating it's own tail)

I can't stand cannibalism... though, it helps that this dude isn't a cannibal, he's a monster... still, so gross. I'll just ignore everything happening on the screen right now and type these words instead.

Oh yeah, this is eventually a plot-hole where they somehow know that the snake's name is Felix, even though the monster never told them.

Also, since I last saw this episode, I've gotten into kpop a little, so now when I hear the name Felix, I think of a Korean-Aussie guy with freckles. Still, it's a good name for a snake, because it gets that hissing sound in.

I just watched 11x03 yesterday with a friend, so seeing Rowena working friendly with them in this episode is jarring.

I like Rowena's eye make-up.

I should also talk about how Rowena is on the money with questioning how exactly Jack is alive and how Dean is surviving... but yeah, she is.

Jack is still caughing up blood. Like, blood in the lungs is never a good sign.

Cas trying to be a good friend to Dean, but I think Dean has a point that it's not like there's anything that they can really do about it... so I understand why it's sort of pointless to talk about.

Though, there's the emotional support angle, so I guess Cas has a point there.

Cas: "Are YOU alright?"
Jack: "I'm fine."
Dean: "Hey, look at that, everyone is fine."

- Ah, this family. This is the problem when you have kids - they're YOUR kids. :P

I do love Sam and Rowena as a ship, which is rare for me... since I don't like enemies to lovers.

I'm not sure how I feel about the gorgon preying on gay/bisexual/closeted dudes... I think mainly because there was a serial killer who did that recently in Canada, so it's hitting a little too close to reality for me.

Anyway, let's talk about the gorgon COMPLETELY GIVING AWAY HIS WEAKNESS. Why would you list exactly what you see? Why specify that Dean is standing alone? Like, it's either a stupid Gorgon or way too convenient writing.

I like how Jack gets offended at being called an angel.

And then we get the hijinks part of the episode.

I don't think the vet would actually leave a small dog on a table. Personally. Also, where did Jack's clothes come from? I really do miss when the show was more realistic.

Rowena: "Don't tell me you're using very dangerous mysterious magic regardless of the cost, that's a very on-brand ME thing to do."
Sam: "Why thank you."
Rowena: "Of course, Samuel, but until very recently I was the villain."

- She's not wrong! I actually like though that the more time goes by in this show, the more the Winchesters AND their intelligent enemies occupy this weird grey space of not being 100% heroes or villains. It's very accurate to real life, where most people do occupy a space where it's hard to tell if their actions are moral and good or simply justifiably self-serving or survivalist.

Oh yeah, Bunker suddenly filled with hunters again, even though last week it was inexplicably empty. This is the real reason all the hunters had to eventually die :P

Oh yeah, Dean being knocked out is dangerous - I forgot about that bit.

I should also talk about the weird parable that the Gorgon talked about with Jack, but I didn't really put it together. Like, Jack is either a snake that's about to choke on something, or he's the person who is going to kill the snake... but seeing as how he killed the snake, I guess he was the later.

Jack uses his powers to cure Cas. Also, why couldn't Cas cure him in the car? Weird.

Not sure what the point of the crotch shot on Jack was, but okay, director.

Jack now has to come to terms with the fact that nearly all his parents are in a dangerous job.

Cas: "Sam and Dean - they're human - and humans burn bright, but for a very brief time compared to things like us."
- Cas giving the "dogs die" speech to his son... only, you know, instead of a dog, it's two of your three dads.

Jack: "What's the point of being a cosmic being if everyone I care about is just going to leave?"
- This is why immortality actually sucks, Jack.

Cas: "The point is that they're here at all, and you got to know them - you... when they're gone, it will hurt, but that hurt will remind you of how much you loved them."
- Cas actually has a healthy outlook on this stuff. That the priviledge in life isn't actually being with your loved ones "happily ever after" but just getting to spend time with them AT ALL, even BRIEFLY. The actual wonder in life is actually just the meeting of people, rather than the permanency of the relationships with them.

Jack: "That sounds awful."
- Of course, Jack isn't hearing that, what he is hearing is "life is pain."

Cas: "... but it was also about being willing to give up the thing you love, in order to kill the thing you hate."
- Ah, Cas interpreted the story for me. I was too focused on how it related to the Gorgon, not how it related to Jack's fate... I forgot that the Gorgon was reading Jack's fate and not actually just vamping about the current fight.
- It IS an interesting question to think about though... if you knew that for sure the thing you hate was going to kill the thing you love, then it makes sense to sacrifice the thing you love in order to get rid of the thing you hate... at least in my opinion. But that can be a pretty slippery slope of compromising morals.

And Michael has escaped Dean in order to get rid of the hunter's in the bunker plot point...

And Michael blackmails Rowena into saying yes, in order to spare the Winchesters, because she does care about them...

And then we get the Jack and Michael showdown.. thus proving that Jack is the chicken in the Gorgon's story.

Jack: "I'm not a child. I'm the son of Lucifer. I'm a hunter. I am a Winchester!"
- NOICE! I mean, I'm sad that it cost him his soul, but Jack's cool when he's super powerful.

And then he eats Michael's grace... but is now a soulless Nephilim (or a near soulless Nephilim.)

Okay, good episode, fun times.

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