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Rewatch S14: Prophet and Loss (14x12)

Rewatch! I knew I said I'd do it on the weekend - but then I didn't. So, Thursday Supernatural! Like normal! (playing the percentages of normal)

Prophet and Loss

I don't remember anything about this episode except that Sam cries at the end? Does Nick escape and attack Donatello? I think that happens too - this might be another episode that I have a really hard time with - hopefully not.

Dean's having nightmares about the box. Maybe don't go in the box then?

Dean's scratching up the wall? That's some extreme nightmare - also, how long was Sam in the bathroom that Dean had time to do that kind of damage? Also, what was Sam doing in the bathroom that he didn't hear that? Was he in there watching movies?

UGH! They're using the double-focus that I hate. Okay, they stopped. Thank you show, please never do that again.

Some girl is getting tortured. I believe this is one that my friend had to "watch" from the other room, because she can't stand torture or drowning... and that's like, all this episode is?! To be honest, I don't want to be watching this right now either.

I can't remember why this dude is killing folks.

UGH, Nick... I might, I might skip these scenes - please forgive me.

Sam and Dean, yay! That was fast...for no reason *innocent look*.

I like the fact that Sam mentions to Dean that Dean hasn't even told Cas and Jack about the plan - and then once Dean is out of the car, Sam phones Cas and it's very clear that Sam has told him everything. I like the fact that Sam and Dean have a wider support network that they can draw on. I mean, don't get me wrong, there was a certain drama to the show when they were all alone in the world - but I like this dynamic of Sam being able to call in the troops when it comes to problems too. I think maybe it's just the soft-emotional side of it... the fact that Dean has a network of people helping him, whether he likes it or not. It's heartwarming.

(I also haven't been paid in 40 days, and I mentioned it on facebook and I've had multiple people ask if I needed money, and knowing I have that sort of friend-support warms my heart, even if I don't feel I need it at this moment (at least, not yet.) )

And then this guy kills another person...

Dean: I know I wasn't the greatest brother to you...
Sam: Dean, you were the one who was always there for me - the only one - you practically raised me.
Dean: I know things got dicey, with Dad, the way he was [...] in order to keep the peace, it probably looked like I took his side quite a bit. Sometimes when I was, when I was away, you know it wasn't because I just ran out, right? Dad would - he would send me away when I really pissed him off. I think you knew that.
Sam: Man, I left that behind a long time ago - I had to.

- Dean addresses S1 Sam's concerns, 17 years later... hahahah
- Seriously though, this is a really interesting conversation for those of us (like me) who loves hearing snippets of their childhoods. It's Dean who had the fear of abandonment, and I think he's projecting that on to Sam here - making sure he knows that Dean would never willingly abandon him, like it might have appeared that he did at times. I think Sam had a fear of rejection, but not abandonment... I think he actually DID know that Dean wasn't abandoning him back then, and that John was sending Dean away.
- I ALSO think, however, that Sam, when he was young, didn't understand why Dean had to take John's side a lot of the time. I think he came to that realization later, as an adult, when he got to know Dean again after S1.
- I also wonder about how being sent-away when he disagreed affected Dean... my thoughts aren't gathered on that front yet. But since Dean has a very strong sense of duty in protecting Sam, it probably was an excellent tactic by John to get a more agreeable Dean - a Dean that WOULD take his side over Sam's... because if Dean didn't, he'd be sent away from his primary function in life - caring for and protecting Sam. So, in order to protect and care for Sam, Dean needed to play the good son to John. Dean might have consciously believed John would protect Sam, but I think subconsciously he wouldn't have and that would be enough for him to fall in line.

Nick is praying to Lucifer... but I'm gonna skip the scene again, because I hate him.

Case where one brother of identical twins is killed - just to drive home the tragedy and angst about what Dean might do.

Sam looks so huge coming out of the house in comparison to Dean. Seriously, I know Jared is only 4 inches taller than Jensen, but those are a big 4 inches sometimes. (also, get your mind out of the gutter, that's not what I meant!)

Cas: Dean! It's so good to hear from you.
Dean: Oh, okay, that's great.

- ... heheheh, and then Cas spills the beans about Sam working behind Dean's back to dissuade his plan.

Cas: Dean! We need to have a conversation.
Dean: Look, I really can't handle this right now - so thank you, and it's good to hear your voice.

- Awww, I don't think he's lying. Even if he is shutting him down. I think there's a good reason why Dean hasn't been speaking to Cas.

Oh, I totally forgot that Donatello was in a coma! So, it's a later episode where Nick captures him? Or I'm just remembering that wrong.

And this episode is slowly coming back to me.

Ugh, all the torture in this episode are horrific.

And the guy shoots himself - I mean, that solves the problem!

And the problem of how to end the prophet problem...
Sam: How do we end this?
Dean: You know how.

- Donatello is between life and death - so, two solutions - I think Dean is thinking "kill Donatello" and I think the actual answer is "heal Donatello."

Okay, in conjunction with my disbelief that Nick (and Nick's body) is somehow still alive a decade after he was left decomposing in Detroit, I now also have my disbelief that Nick's house would still be sitting empty more than a decade after he abandoned it. Like, whose been paying the property taxes? That house would have been seized by the city and auctioned off or whatever. Does Nick have a very strange extended family that was in his will? Doubtful that they wouldn't sell it either, to be honest. The whole Nick thing irks me on SO MANY LEVELS. 

Anyway, I know that this scene Nick meets the ghost of his wife, and then chooses Lucifer over her. So, skipping this scene too. The actress does a good job though!

At the swanky hospice with Cas...

Cas: So, what, this is goodbye?
- Cas asks this after failing to talk Dean out of the plan. But I think it's his strongest argument. I think Dean is able to go through with this plan because he's purposefully not thinking about the consequences. He's not saying goodbye to Cas, because he doesn't want to admit that it WOULD BE goodbye.

Cas: Dean, if there's a spark - a hope - then I have to try - you taught me that.
- Burn!

I like how Sam and Dean are waiting in the hall... then they seemingly just get bored and go in and watch Cas heal Donatello anyway. Why wait in the hall to begin with? The answer is - just to have a conversation.

Donatello has a tube down his throat. I'm pretty sure he'd be reflexively panicking WAY more.

Also, his voice would NOT work that well right after.

Sam's got his bitter beer going on in the parking lot.

Sam: You're telling me that I have to kill you...
- I didn't put that together, but this IS the reverse of S2, when Dean was told that he'd have to kill Sam. Only then he didn't know WHY. Sam knows why here, but he's still just as unwilling as Dean to kill his brother. (This isn't the first time they've reversed this though.)

Jared kills this scene, even though I know he had trouble with it.

Sam punches Dean - which is EXTREMELY rare. I believe I've written a lot about that before, but Dean's the puncher among the brothers.

Sam: I believe in us. Why don't you believe in us too?
Dean: Okay, Sam, let's go home.

- And Sam's optimism saves the day again... or at least, Dean's unwillingness to let down his brother (which is the same thing that saved the day in 5.18 Point of No Return.)

But Dean does still make him promise that if it comes down to it, Sam WILL put him in the box.

Dean: You heard me, let's go home - don't hit me again, okay?
- Hahaha, I just like that ending line.

Whoa! Fade to white caught me off guard.

Also, why does Cas get in the back seat, did he not drive his own car to the hospital? 

Let me now your own thoughts in comments!

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